2008 Fleetwood Terra

6 reviews


Greg C.

August 20205

We just got back from a 10 day trip to Yellowstone in this RV, and it was great. Low mileage, no mechanical issues, tons of storage, etc.

Nico K.

August 20201

There are a few glitches with this RV - biggest one being electrical. One of the jacks stopped working and 2 mechanics and my wife and I confirmed that it wasn’t working. The jack didn’t want to retract and we spent several hours to get that sorted out. The 2 mechanics both confirmed that this was not due to any fault of our own- yet the owner charged us for it. He also charged us for a slide out that he said wasn’t working - we returned it in full working condition. He attempted to use the slide out when it wasn’t level and with a missing jack, so the slide out got stuck; yet he added it to our bill to pay. A trim piece of molding that you could see was repaired multiple times before and was sticking out, got snagged onto a shoe and cracked- he said in our final statement that the charges against our security deposit included this charge; yet in text messages he started threatening us with additional charges for this. He also in his final statement write up charged us for a broken latch when his wife acknowledged that the latch was messed up even before we got the RV. The final receipt from his RV technician charged us for a broken trim that he pointed out to us the day we picked up the RV as being broken, so why are we paying for that?? Our technician that came out to help with the jack while we were on the road was very concerned about the electrical of this RV overall. In short - DO NOT rent this RV! We had a horrific experience and lost valuable vacation hours to then deal with an owner who charged us for a faulty RV and said that we didn’t dump the tanks (when we did and his system showed that it was empty). We took all the care we can and spent our time taking care of this RV during the breakdown and then to be accused by the owner is utterly ridiculous. Stay far away!

Guido C.

July 20205

RV worked out perfect for me and my family all amenities mentioned were there Steve was really nice with the walk-through in the beginning and was just as nice when he picked up the RV it was great doing business with him

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Sheng S.

September 20195

Our family had our first RV trip during the Labor Day weekend. Thank you Steve for taking our last minute request and get the RV ready within hours.

Joseph M.

August 20195

Great RV! Had an awesome trip. Steve was super easy to work with and very responsive throughout the process.

Steven C.

August 20195

RV was fantastic. It was very well maintained and had all the bells and whistles we wanted. It slept my wife and I plus three kids easily. Steve was also very fair and courtesy to deal with - a huge bonus when working with people on this site. We will definitely rent from him again!