Winnebago Eurovan Camper Rialta QD .. Sleeps 4 .. MPG 15 - 20

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Regis G.

1July 2019

We have rented serval R.V.s over the last few years. We love camping and traveling. We have never had a bad experience until now. This was the a broken, disgusting, smelly and overall huge disappointment. Nothing on the R.V. worked. The fridge wasn’t cold or didn’t stay cold. All our food was ruined. When we would ask Mark for assistance he just would say, ''oh it should work''. The shower didn’t work at all, water just sprayed out of the wrong places. No A.C! In fact we asked specifically if there was A.C. and he said yes. When asking for Marks assistance he again would say, ''it should work''. Literally 2 minutes after leaving the check engine light came on (he said thats normal). The windows didn’t work well. Stuff was randomly popping off the R.V. like plates and caps. The shade awning literally was just a mess of random parts that were rapped and rolled up. I specifically asked Marks wife if it was in working over and she told me yes. The list goes on and on....When we called for assistance, there was no help, just his answer of, oh that should work. This was a pile of crap. I would of rather slept in a car.
This is a matter of renting out crap and hoping he can get away with it and make money.

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