2016 DNM Teardrop Trailers 5’x8’

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Scott J.

November 20202

The owner, Duane, was not there to greet us when we arrived to pickup the trailer. The trailer was not ready for pickup. The stove, comforter, sheets, kitchen supplies were not with the trailer. The owner’s father assisted us. He didn’t seem to know that his son had not prepared the trailer for us, but he did assist us as best he could. That said, as nice as he was, he did not wear a mask or social distance and even said he wasn’t concerned with COVID-19. All of this left us with a very bad first impression. As for the trailer itself, it is pretty sweet. We had a very good time using it on our vacation. However, the stargazing window was without a curtain and the passenger side window had a curtain hanging on a broken rod and was very delicate to close or open. It was obvious that a number of parts used for the trailer were not quality. However, the overall feel was pleasing, as long as you have a very gentle touch. In addition, it is a VERY small trailer. It would not work for people over say 6”. Nice trailer for a quick trip to the Oregon coast, but not much beyond that. And, if you have concerns about the pandemic, be wary, as the owner and his father do not.

Scott J.

November 20202

The trailer was not ready when we arrived. Many of the items that were supposed to be with the teardrop had to be gathered from the house and brought to the trailer. This was all done by the owner’s dad, as the owner was not there to greet us. Most concerning was that the dad was not wearing a mask, was not social distancing, and even made a statement that he was not concerned about COVID-19. When we dropped the trailer off at the end of our rental, the owner showed the same disdain for COVID-19 considerations. All of this was VERY concerning. As for the trailer, it is pretty sweet. I can’t imagine that it would work for anyone over say 6 feet, as it is very small, but being just 5’6

Ivy L.

September 20205

The teardrop trailer is darling and very practical for a fun camp trip. Very light and hauled easily behind our suv. Duane was very thorough in orientation and responsive with any questions or needs. It was our first time towing so I had some basic questions and he took time to explain and ensure we were comfortable!

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Maureen P.

July 20205

Duane and his teardrop are wonderful. He was great to communicate with and very accommodating. The teardrop is comfortable and fully stocked making for a fantastic experience.

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Courtney C.

July 20205

Trailer towed great and was of very good quality in excellent condition. Pick up was a little clumsy with scheduling but communication was good so got it done. Came with some basic camp kitchen gear which was nice. And its super cute, loved it.

Maureen P.

July 20205

Duane was ver accommodating and helped make our trip very special.

Karen K.

July 20205

We pulled this wonderful little trailer to the coast and had a great week with our kitchen and bedroom and electricity and running water and comfy bed. Duane was great in responding to our concerns. Quite Understanding. Thanks for the use of “a terrific tiny home “ in nature.

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Marc A.

June 20205

Nice teardrop trailer that pulls easily and has everything you need. Duane has a good setup and it was an enjoyable rental.

Matt S.

June 20205

We had an outstanding experience renting Duane's teardrop trailer. It exceeded our expectations in terms of comfort, ease of towing, and usability. Duane has it nicely supported with amenities like a cooler, cookstove, etc., and it was clean (santized) and ready to roll when we received it.
A bonus is Duane himself. He is super helpful and very easy to get ahold of. We will definitely rent this teardrop from Duane again soon!

Susan A.

May 20205

This teardrop was the perfect fit for our families camping trip to Odell Lake! We hauled it behind our Nissan Rogue and you couldn’t even tell it was there. It towed very well. The camper itself is perfect for cooking at the campsite. We didn’t have running water or electricity at our site. But we were able to use the water jug provided and run the sink which was awesome! We had plenty of lights inside and outside the trailer. There was everything we needed for cooking from dishes to utensils and cups for coffee.
Duane was wonderful to work with! Very informative and a wealth of information. Very helpful. We are already looking into our next trip to plan to rent this trailer again. Highly recommend!!

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Andrew H.

October 20195

Great little camper with everything you need for a trip around Oregon! Duane was quick to respond

Jane S.

September 20195

Duane is top notch and so his little teardrop. It was luxury for me to rent this vs try to do a tent again when horsecamping. (dry camping, no hook ups where I went). I had solar to power the water pump and lights and I felt so safe and cozy sleeping in this beautiful turquoise teardrop with so many cool amenities. He (actually his Dad filled in for him) delivered for a reasonable fee since I had to bring my horse out to the site and couldn't tow two things. His Dad was very nice helping me with some directions to the horsecamp too via phone. Teamwork! Anyway, it was clean, supplied well, and the shade tent and solar added was awesome. It was well worth the money to rent, and lightyears beyond sleeping on the hard ground in a piece of fabric freezing to death. Also, you will be the belle of the ball with one of these, everyone adored my camp site - it's a conversation starter - it has vintage flair yet all the modern conveniences. I hung out for dinner at the 150K RVs (friends), but trust me, I felt like I was missing out on nothing by going small, the kitchenette outside was really nice, it would be annoying to have to go in and out and in and out. Working with my horse, I had to wash my hands a lot. Plenty of storage in the unit also. It would be a breeze to tow. Thanks so much Duane and sorry for the late review! You are awesome.

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Amy K.

August 20195

What an amazing trip we had with this little "Blueberry" camper. :) Everything was spotless and clean upon pick-up and Duane was incredibly helpful and responsive to all questions we had. We hope to rent again from Duane--as it was the perfect camper for the two of us! Highly recommend!

Joe T.

September 20185

This was our first experience renting on Outdoorsy, and our first time camping in a trailer. Duane responded promptly to all our inquiries, and really went above and beyond when we came to pick up the teardrop trailer to make sure we had the all the right tools for a successful trip. Our two week trip went well, the trailer was perfect for our needs, and we will gladly rent from Duane again in the future!

Jeremy B.

August 20185

Excellent experience all around. After four nights camping in a teardrop, we are totally sold on these for low-stress outdoor adventures!

Chad P.

August 20185

Duane was wonderful to work with and set up everything to make the experience great. First time Outdoorsy renter.

Leon H.

July 20185

Excellent trailer. Great to find someone local to rent from. Duane was very helpful with helping us set up our first teardrop trailer rental and first outdoorsy use. Overall great experience.

Amy O.

July 20185

Duane was awesome in providing info on his little teardrop camper. Everything we needed was included. It is a fun little camper and just perfect for my husband and I.