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2014 Viking Epic 1906st



I love this unit and call her Scampers. My family and friends have used it for family trips and loved it! Look Inside this Popup here - https://youtu.be/kiOioc4Y9JE Amazing air conditioner, propane, stove top, fridge, temp. mattress toppers, light weight and compact. The inside is clean, complete with hanging hooks, a magnetic screen door and camping tools. New tires with a full-size spare, sleeps 5, light enough to pull with my VW Jetta, water, stove, fridge. Complete Coverage - Rent my camper on Outdoorsy and get Roadside assistance and Insurance coverage Rental Requirements - Looking for responsible renters who will treat my camper with respect. 
 trailer uses a round connector and 2" ball. I also have an adapter for a the flat connector. CAMPING IN SCAMPERS - Please do not attempt to pull this at a speed over 65mph or you will be risking a blow out. - I will go over everything in the camper when you pick it up. But, here is a great general video about setting up, using and breaking down a popup camper. It also includes little things, like where the drain line is, setting up the awning, how to turn on the propane for appliances, etc... https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=4dwK8z6NNx0 a few things are different on this model, but generally it is accurate - - the stove top burner works with propane and is easy to light - the fridge works on propane OR electric. it cools fine when it is not really hot out, but if it is too hot, I recommend a cooler. Please return the camper in the same condition. If it requires cleaning, the fee is $50/hr. ---------- Smoking tobacco of any kind is not allowed inside the camper!!! -------------------------------------------
 If anything should occur, the renter covers the deductible for the insurance on this app. 
https://www.outdoorsy.com/help/what-happens-if-renters-need-help-on-the-road You can also contact Outdoorsy at: support@outdoorsy.com or 1-877-723-7232 FRIDGE 
**The fridge works via gas absorption. It does not have a compressor so you will not hear it "turn on." In fact, it's hard to tell if it is going when you first start it. Wait about half an hour and then place your hand over the louvered vents above the access compartment. You should feel heat coming out by then and that means it's on. It will not get cold inside very fast. It takes a few hours. Don't try to cool it down with warms stuff in it. Many people help the process along by putting milk jugs filled with frozen water in the fridge. 
**Running the fridge and power: • the fridge can run on 120v or propane. propane will be faster and cool better, but either source requires many many hours to get cool. you will not hear it running, like a traditional fridge but the coils should be hot if it is working • placing hot items in the fridge will slow down initial cooling time • It is safer to plug your campers electrical cord in with the breaker at the hookup off, then switch breaker on after plugging in • on the access panel on the outside of the camper, Switch the power on (the green 120 V switch). a dime or something of that nature works will get turn those funky buttons on the panel 
 WATER - I have not used the potable water tank or pump, but it is there. - I have a hose and water regulator for city water hookups to get water in the sink. you must use a regulator. - you connect the drinking hose to the hookup that had the little screen, it is called the "city water connection" - The drinking water hose is BPA-free, the color is white. do not use this hose for anything but drinking water. - don't forget to use the water regulator , It screws on to the campground's faucet, and you attach your water hose to the regulator. - the sink drain is a direct connection to the drain fitting on the side of the camper. you should have a black hose for that. - Make sure there aren't any leaks at the connection, as dripping water can damage the camper. On-Site Hookups To hook up to campground water, find and remove the cap labeled "city water connection." This connection runs the water directly to your pipes, bypassing the fill tank. Install your regulator and filter to the spigot, then thread your potable water hose to the filter. Connect the potable water hose to the threads on the side of the camper. Make sure there aren't any leaks at the connection, as dripping water can damage your camper. Turn the switch for your water pump to the "on" position. The water pump will turn on automatically when you turn on a faucet and stop when you stop running the water. PROPANE - only use one power source at a time - here is a video on how to use the propane/electric to turn on the fridge. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Ao_R-y5pTlE - only use one power source at a time Not shown in the video is that when you turn your grey knob to high you need to hold it down when striking you ignition button. You need to hold the grey knob down for at least 30 seconds while the sensor heats up. - For propane be sure the red and green buttons are off. Open the valve on the propane tank slowly. Then turn the internal stove on and let the burners run for a couple of minutes. This bleeds the air from the lines and makes sure the system is full of gas. Turn the propane button to Start and push the igniter button. Most PUP's have a little peep hole in the stack where you can look to see if the flame is burning. It is extremely tiny and in daylight very hard to see. Listen for the sound of the gas flowing. After it lights you continue holding the propane button down for a few seconds and then release it and turn it to the desired temperature setting. - if the propane is being used to light the stove top, knobs are in the little drawer - they barely sit on it so just pop them on, do not try to push them flush or down. there is a long lighter in the camper to light stove. 
 ELECTRIC - only use one power source at a time - It is a 30 amp connection and converter plug to 15 amp, so you can plug it into the standard plug at your house - plug it into a heavy duty extension cord. A/C will probably trip your circuit after running for a bit, but it depends how loaded that circuit is. Some people have had no issues with that in this camper, others have. try to put all the connections inside the RV power cubby. Try not to expose the connections to the elements to help reduce the risk of damage from water. When using the converter, if possible, use a plug in your garage, not an outdoor plug. Again, keep the connections out of the elements as much as you can. You will reduce the risk of fire by keeping the connections protected
 Turn off the breaker at the campsite electrical hookup. • The campsite electrical hookup is usually a three foot tall post typically near the back of the campsite. • It is safer to plug your campers electrical cord in with the breaker at the hookup off. • Switch the power on (the green 120 V switch) to your camper fridge at the back panel. This is especially important if you have food already in the fridge. • Most camper refrigerators will operate on 12V DC battery power (which does not work very well), as well as propane. • only use one power source at a time
 SPECS http://www.nadaguides.com/RVs/2014/Viking-By-Forest-River/M-1906/6532481/Specs 2014 Viking By Forest River Epic Series M-1906 Specs Dry Hitch Weight184 lbs. (83 kg) Gross Vehicle Weight Rating (GVWR) 2,200 lbs. (998 kg) Cargo Carrying Capacity 733lbs(332kg) Box Size 8.5' (2.6 m) Exterior Length - Open 17'11"(5.5 m) Exterior Length - Closed14' 10"(4.5m) Exterior Height - Closed4' 8" (1.4 m) Exterior Width 85" (2.2 m) http://www.mannsrv.com/rv/rutland+ma/viking+foldingcamper/805/viking+epic+1906st
 You are responsible for knowing the limits of your vehicle and not overloading either your vehicle or the trailer. No weight can be applied to the roof in either the up or down position. 
 IMPORTANT - KEEP ALL FOOD SEALED TIGHT, DON'T LEAVE TRASH OR SUGARY DRINKS OUT - ANTS WILL INVADE AND REMOVING CAN BE COSTLY. I have never had an issue, but I am very careful with food, trash and drinks. If you choose to take this to parks that have insect invasion warnings stated, you will assume the risk. There are quite a few in Texas parks that have infestation issues stated on their website. Besides keeping food and drinks sealed, here are some other tips: Miscellaneous Tips to Keep Ants Out of the RV • Walk around your RV. Make sure that there are no tree limbs touching the RV. Or tall grasses. These are easy access points for ants. • PineSol seems to be a favorite for killing ants on the spot and getting rid of their scent trails for the other ants to follow. • Ants also hate vinegar and lemon. So cleaning with a vinegar-water solution with lemon juice or lemon essential oil will do wonders. • Baking soda is also effective to keep ants out. Food will also cause lingering scents and it is a small space, so airing it out is important. the screens allow for a nice breeze when open. 

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Miriam Cronkhite
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Make: Viking
Model: Viking Epic 1906st
Type: Folding Trailer
Sleeps: 5
Length: 17 Feet


Air Conditioner
Dining Table
Kitchen Sink
Inside Shower
Outside Shower
Ceiling Fan
Tow Hitch
Bike Rack
Backup Camera
Extra Storage
Leveling Jacks
CD Player
Audio Inputs
Handicap Accessible
Water Tank 16 gallons


Pet Friendly
Festival Friendly
Smoking Allowed
- Please do not attempt to pull this at a speed over 65mph or you will be risking a blow out. - You are responsible for knowing the limits of your vehicle and not overloading either your vehicle or the trailer. No weight can be applied to the roof in either the up or down position. - There is room to store things in the floor of the camper, once it is down. - Find setup and breakdown steps...


Cleaning - per hour Paid on Return

$50/hr cleaning fee applies if camper is not returned clean, will document with photos


Daily: $95
Weekly: $420
Monthly: $1,400
Minimum Nights: 3

Mileage Charges

Unlimited miles are included with this rental


5 Reviews

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Reviewed on Jun 24th

Miriam was AWESOME! Great pop up with strong A/C. We had a great weekend camping at San Marcos river.

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Reviewed on Jun 14th

Miriam is great and my boys and I loved staying in Scampers in Galveston.

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Reviewed on Jun 4th

The camper was exactly as advertised. We took our three small kids to Hot Springs and had a great time. We never did use the fridge because we had a cooler with us for what we needed, but everything worked well - especially the A/C :-). Easy to tow, easy to set up. Miriam explained everything...