Unlimited miles Mercedes Sprinter "Star"

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Rodney H.

January 20215

Can I start with "Wow, Steve Brandon is the best!" We had an absolutely wonderful experience with our RV rental from start to finish! This is our first time renting an RV, and it's something that we've wanted to do for quite a while. Let me tell you, Steve took his time going over the details with us, and we really enjoyed the Zoom call with him prior to our rental date, to go over any questions that we had. He's so down to earth and calm, he made us feel much more comfortable with the rental that we were about to do. And, that was just on the Zoom call! So then, in person, once we arrived to pick up the RV, he was in the rig putting the final touches on. We went over all of the fine details of what we needed to know, then he offered to take us for a test drive, with me driving of course! I thought he was just a bit too calm, watching me drive the RV through the winding roads of Pennsylvania for the first time, but I think that's just his nature, someone that's so reassuring, which I must say puts one at ease, and that helps build confidence. I mean, face it, we were about to embark on a 1,500 mile round trip through North Carolina, South Carolina, and Virginia, so after that test drive, we were good to go. Everything went well, and although we did have a slight bump in the road (Caused by a kid!), we were able to talk with Steve to resolve the issue, no problem. When it was time to return the RV, we came home first to clean everything out before I had to drive it back (130 mile round trip from Maryland, WELL WORTH IT!!), I wound up getting it back much later than I promised, due to some traffic and getting lost. Steve was very understanding. He came out, we went over the rig one last time, and signed off on the return paperwork (It was late, I hope I didn't wake up the family!). I think his company is one of the only ones on the east coast that offers unlimited mileage and unlimited generator usage, which definitely was the deciding factor in choosing to rent from him. But let me say this in closing. Steve has a line in his bio that reads as follows - "I sleep at night knowing that I may have had a positive impact on someone that day, and that positive impact will come back to me many times over." Well my friends, that statement rings loud and true. I don't write many reviews, but when I do, it will always be for something well deserved. I will be renting from Steve again in the near future. A first class act indeed! If you're on the fence about renting an RV or a little nervous, please give Steve Brandon and TBF RV Rentals a try. You won't be disappointed. I know we weren't! Thanks Steve! You're the best!

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Dove D.

December 20205

Once again Steve outdid himself, even offering up places to go. I can't say enough about having a stocked RV so we could basically just go. This is the second RV we've rented from him and since they're his they run great and handle well. I can't thank him enough for the experiences he's made possible. About the Star great RV for two (and a mid size pooch).

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Elise H.

November 20205

Steve was an amazing host and answered all of our questions in a very timely manner! He took the time to talk with us as we were rookies. :-)
The RV was clean and spacious for the size. There were four of us and our dog traveling comfortably to Florida. We would definitely do it again. Thank you!!

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Kathleen K.

November 20205

We had a great time with the Sprinter star. Steve was great thought out the entire process. Very knowledgeable of all things RV! Would highly recommend anyone looking to rent an RV!!

Cindy F.

September 20205

This was our first RV trip and not knowing what to expect we were a bit nervous. Steve was very helpful and relaxed about everything, and even though we had a few user errors along the way we managed to get everything working and had a wonderful trip. Steve gave us a really comprehensive tutorial before our trip and was available via phone throughout. The Sprinter is easy to drive, easy to set up camp in and very comfortable to live in once parked. We are already talking about renting from Steve again for our next trip!

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Mike S.

September 20205

My wife and I rented the "Star" RV from Steve for a 4 day trip to Cunningham Falls State Park in Maryland. We chose this RV due to its small size (25') and proximity to our campground. We have 2 little kids, and the size worked out great for the 4 of us, although it would be tight for 4 full sized adults.

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Daniel L.

August 20205

Steve was amazing! There Are so many reasons I would recommend renting from him. He takes so much pride and care making sure you will have an outstanding vacation. Prior to our rental we had a quick chat with Steve as he wanted to make sure all our questions were answered. Never being on a RV before Steve was patient and made sure we were fully comfortable before heading out. The RV itself was very clean and extremely well taken care of. I loved that everything was included and didn’t nickel and dime like so many others out there. We live in South Jersey and had to drive over 2 hours to get to him but without question we will rent from him again and put up with the drive to get someone as friendly, knowledgeable and passionate about what they do. Thanks again Steve for a wonderful and most memorable family trip!

Steve’s answer

I appreciate the complements! I'm so glad to have met you guys, and hope we meet again!.. and again!.. and again!
Happy trails.

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