2008 Earthroamer XV-JP

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Christi W.

5July 2021

An absolute joy to work with these professionals! They were thorough, understanding, informative, and supportive on every level. I would recommend them to everyone I know and will certainly be working with them again in the future!

Taylor D.

5June 2021

Gaylord made our trip one of the best yet! The vehicle was so well equipped and easy to use. He helped us find great locations to check out and told us what to avoid. Could not recommend any higher!

Dan W.

5June 2021

Gaylord was so amazing during the whole process! The Jeep was beyond what I expected! I would recommend anyone try this experience!!

Michael K.

1April 2021

At first - everything was absolutely fantastic. Easy check in & walk throughout. Great to meet everyone and the Jeep was ready on time. The jeep is a beast and meant to be taken off road and deep into country / mountain territory. Nothing in the jeep went wrong and the actual rental itself was great. I was actually applauding this company and spoke about how I was going to be a customer for life.... but.....

Go Explore’s answer

Michael, Sorry you feel this way. All of our policies are on the reservation. Cleaning fee is $75-$150 depending on the cleanliness of the vehicle when returned. You left the window open wen driving through mud which was in the window track which scratched the window. did not charge you for that. I am perplexed why you thought that smoking marijuana inside of a rental vehicle would be ok. It is clearly stated that there is NO SMOKING in all caps on our policies portion of the reservation. cigarettes or marijuana. It is very disrespectful to the owner and the next renter. I am sorry if you did not read the rental contract. In 8 years renting, this is the first time we have had a renter have issue with the cleaning and smoking policies since they are clearly stated on the reservation.
fyi, even though smoking marijuana is legal in Colorado, it is still illegal to smoke it in public and in vehicles. If you were caught, you would have gotten a ticket and possibly a DWI. Not to mention driving a vehicle that is not yours under the influence of a controlled substance is a Bad idea.
I did not insult you, I merely said that it was not a good idea to smoke anything in a rented vehicle. Sorry that hurt your feelings, but any other owner would do the same. It still smells of marijuana and will have to get it professionally deodorized which costs more than we charged you for the cleaning fee.
I offered you a $50 refund and you said you did not want a refund. best we could do under the circumstances.

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