Other Sprinter 2016
4 person bench seat in the back row. All seats have shoulder belts. Lots of legroom between the seats too.. Other Sprinter 2016
Lots of headroom. Plus cup holders under the bench seats and on the sides. . Other Sprinter 2016
Sliding side door with electric step. Makes getting in/out very easy. . Other Sprinter 2016
The backup camera is wonderful and the back step makes loading easy. Plus, there are two 12-volt outlets in the rear for charging devices and things. . Other Sprinter 2016
Other Sprinter 2016
12 passengers. 10 people in the back (3/3/4 benches) all with shoulder belts and headrests. Plus the driver and front passenger captains chairs. . Other Sprinter 2016
Large storage area behind the back seat that holds about 20 suitcases. It’s about 70” wide, 64” tall, and 20/24” deep. . Other Sprinter 2016
Notice the big AC unit on the ceiling/roof. This keeps people in the back very happy on hot days :) This is a view from the back toward the front. . Other Sprinter 2016
Large rooftop AC for passengers in the back. Very nice. There's also baseboard heat throughout the back of the van. . Other Sprinter 2016
About 9 airplane overhead bags fit under the bench seats. Each space is about 15" wide, 11" high, and 20" long. Lots of space for bags or backpacks. 
. Other Sprinter 2016
Our van has a v6 engine so it does well in the mountains. Great for hiking 14-ers. . Other Sprinter 2016