Dave & Matt Van 136" WB - 4 Passengers, Cabin Heater

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Hallie B.

January 20215

We had an awesome van trip down to Arizona over the new year. Dave and Matt's customer service was top notch. We discovered an issue with the in-cabin heater the day we were supposed to leave on our trip. Dave and Matt had a service technician sent to our house 2 hours away to make sure the issue got fixed, and we were able to leave the same day with only a minor delay. We could not be more grateful and highly recommend renting from their fleet of vans.

Ashleigh S.

October 20205

Being able to rent this van was amazing and such an awesome experience. It has sold us on the van life and will be working towards buying our own. The van was put together perfectly and had all the essentials!

Carl S.

September 20205

Great experience!

Bryce D.

August 20205

Rented a van from D&M as I am thinking of using them for my own van buildout - and I am very glad I did. Not only was I able to get really familiar with their process and their layout, it gave me a chance to dial in my own buildout by recognizing the items I wanted to customize. The van drove really smooth, was super easy to operate and wicked comfy to stay in.

Stewart I.

June 20205

Working with Matt was an exceptional experience and was worth every penny we spent renting their van. Having kids who nap during the day with this setup was amazing and made our trip better in every way. I would rent from them again and highly recommend them! Be careful you might end up buying your own vanlife! Thanks so much!!!

Frankie S.

January 20205

Had an absolute blast renting Dave's van through Dave and Matt Vans (based in Gypsum, Colorado) - we took their ProMaster van over to Utah for a winter weekend of hiking, photography and van life. Van does great on the highway and the bed was super comfortable after running around shooting photography in the canyons all day. The sink was awesome, I brought my camping stove along which fit perfectly on the kitchen counter. When I wasn't cooking I had my laptop set up so we can could constantly check our maps for our next parking spot or national park stop

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Darryl S.

December 20195

really great experience with the van and this company. They are honest and helpful. Van was GREAT!