NirVana - Classic 90’s Dodge Ram Van (Big Island)

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April 20215

This van is the best choice we could have ever made to see Hawaii!!!

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Alison C.

April 20215

Best way ever to see the Big Island! Our hosts were amazing in every way and super responsive the couple of times we had questions. This was a most memorable experience and we would definitely do it again! The van was nicely stocked with most everything we needed besides our food and drinks. We had the best luck staying at Hipcamps and had wonderful experiences with them all. A one of a kind trip! Thank you J & V!!

Marie A.

January 20211

Awful experience- please be careful renting from this owner
I believe that when you’re renting vehicle, this vehicle should be checked prior to it going out. This was not done with this vehicle.
Started ok I guess. Host was going to deliver early (1230) but at 3:56pm they said they were 20 min away.
When they arrived we noticed the rv was nothing like the pictures on the ad. It was dirty, seats torn, and when set to a bed they sloped down. Hosts informed us that there was a memory foam mattress available that we could use and that would help with this slopping of the cushions or we could use the air mattress available. They informed off how everything else worked. While I was talking to one of the hosts the other informed my husband the odometer wasn’t working very well. Didn’t know what this meant just yet. Noticed the doors were very dirty but at this time we realized we couldn’t do anything as we had already paid for the van and sent a deposit. We parted ways and we started driving. The odometer showed we were driving 100mph. We contacted The hosts and it was suggested we use Waze to check the speed. After a few minutes it began to get hotter we turned on the cabin a/c. This did not work. We informed the owner/host and we were informed they would fill it and to let them know where we would be. We did. Informed then we would be at a certain location for two hours, they agreed to fill the a/c while we were at our Luau. They said we did not need to be present while they filled the a/c. We came out of our Luau 2hrs later around 8pm, we didn’t check the a/c as we believed that they had done what they said they would. Later that evening they informed us they had not filled the a/c. The excuse this time was that the extra key didn’t start the van and they didn’t want to bother us. They would like to meet us somewhere to fill it. Informed that we were really tired and we’re trying to set up the bed and realized the foam didn’t work for the bed and it was torn in several sections. We tried the air mattress and it was leaking air. We texted back and forth for a while. Hosts informed us they were not aware of this that it has happened during their last rental. They asked about meeting us the next day to fill the a/c and give us another air mattress. This was now almost 1am. We were exhausted and jet lagged so found a hotel. Informed the host about this. They gave us two options: can fill the ac and give a new air mattress or memory foam tomorrow. Or we can end the rental. Earlier they had said if we ended the rental outdoorsy would refund us. We asked if they could give us until next morning. They said yes. We paid $45 to park the van as it was too tall to fit in an actual garage we took it to a secure parking lot.

Veronica & Jonathan’s answer

In summary for anyone who reads this renters review:

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Alyson H.

January 20215

The NirVana camper was THE ONLY WAY to see all parts of Oahu in one trip! It was so easy to try out a bunch of surf spots instead of being tied down to one location.
Veronica and Jonathan are very talented and kind. You’ll meet a lot of friends cruising around the island in this camper, everyone loves it!

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Heidi S.

December 20205

Nirvana was the perfect way to spend Christmas! Everything was so well thought out and put together in the van, we didn’t have to worry about anything on our trip! And our pup loved being able to join us as well! Veronica and Jonathan were also so sweet and helpful, and easy to get in contact with about pick up/drop off, and any questions we had. Highly recommend for vacation or staycation!

Joseph L.

December 20205

The PERFECT SURF VAN. I cannot express how grateful I am to be able to explore Oahu with Nirvana, a van crafted with love/thoughtfulness. The owner's Veronica & Jonathan were such great hosts, having carefully explained all the details and quirks to their camper. They have carefully added so many details from the magnetic pins to kitchen appliances that make this the perfect van getaway. Not only were they super accommodating, but also responsive in providing tips & advice for exploring the island. The van has really come a long way, and will treat you right if you treat her right. I can guarantee Nirvana will turn heads anywhere you go, she's the perfect van for posting up along the beach - making breakfast before getting in the water, and pulling out a cold beer from the fridge for sunset.

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Becky F.

November 20205

This cute little van was fully equipped with everything you need to tool around the island! I had an amazing experience renting Nirvana for a week and Jonathan and Veronica were an absolute pleasure to work with. I would definitely rent it again!

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Jacob A.

September 20205

Veronica was awesome to work with and the van was incredible. They did an awesome job making it feel like a home. If you’re looking for a campervan to take around the island, this is it

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Michaela B.

September 20205

Such a fun time and Veronica helped us with whatever we needed!

Rona E.

August 20205

Absolutely great experience! Professional, timely, superb communicator, etc. Veronica made it easy to create a seamless transaction in a brief period of time that worked for all involved. Thanks!