Lounge like a Rock Star, pop up tent is provided with rope and steaks to set up as an awning. This is Kaimana Beach in Waikiki.. Chevrolet Other 2004
lounging in hammock, two of which are provided in the van.. Chevrolet Other 2004
Chevrolet Other 2004
The barn doors to welcome you into Rock Star. soft carpet for your bare feet to enter on, good amount of wall storage as well. Our 12 volt cooler (either heats or cools) is here for your everyday foods and beverages, powered by solar and 2 6volt batteries (together making 12v).. Chevrolet Other 2004
The ceiling fan has multiple speeds, and of course the stronger you run it, the more loud it will be. my suggestion is that during night time, 50-60% setting works good with speed and sound. it also contains a rain censor, if water touches it, then the fan turns off and the cover of the fan automatically closes. This can be a pain sometimes especially if it is raining, but don’t forget people, your in a van, you can just drive to a different location, I love it! ——WARNING!!!!!!!!!!! this is important, please close the fan cover (turn off the fan) BEFORE driving. we don’t want to injure the cover from the wind while in motion. Mahalo . Chevrolet Other 2004
Charge Controller, but you don’t need to worry about this box, the settings are set, we just think it looks pretty cool.. Chevrolet Other 2004
12 volt solar powered USB and car plugs are situated under the bench in the main lounging section. I tell ya, it’s great to know I can charge up my phone while being able to camp and not have to use my vehicles battery to charge my phone, but the power of the sun instead. . Chevrolet Other 2004
The pop up tent is easy to use, and with its legs extended to the fullest, it can conveniently be placed right over the barn doors of the van, thus extending the vans living area outwards into the tent. We laid tarp down on the floor under the pop up tent just to keep things more cleaner than we’d be without it. Yes that’s all dirt in the pic.. Chevrolet Other 2004
this site just does allow fire pits like this and they actually have pits at each van site, but fires like this are not allowed everywhere.. Chevrolet Other 2004
Van can be parked along side neighborhood roads and streets for stealth camping.. Chevrolet Other 2004
Chevy Express 1500 cargo van with roof racks and 20 in rims for a more rugged look. Chevrolet Other 2004
seat covers on both seats. passenger seat can spin 180 degrees to face the rear of the van, up here is where the AC is and so we put up curtains just behind the front seats, that can be drawn to keep the AC up front when driving. Also power windows and locks.. Chevrolet Other 2004
soft queen size bed, custom changed to fit comfort when your awake or asleep. enjoy the use of the remote controlled ceiling fan strategically placed over the most needed area of the van...the bed. The fan is able to blow air in as well as exhaust air out. The rear windows have been blacked out for privacy at night, and they can be opened slightly for air flow. We placed some remote controlled lights under the white molding in the upper corner, that is powered by 12v plug with on and off switch. There is ample storage for your accessories hidden under the bed.. Chevrolet Other 2004
Yups, 100watt panel, and again, please don’t forget to close the fan cover before driving, so you don’t harm the fan cover. Mahalo. Roof racks provided as well.. Chevrolet Other 2004
you can plug in your music pods into the radio, and the speakers are only in the front cab of the van, not in the rear.. Chevrolet Other 2004
This is us with Rock Star and all its contents, at a camp site for RVs on the East side of Oahu called Malaekahana. We had a lot of fun, and the best part was the packing of all the contents back into the van, with everything labeled, putting things back in its original place was a breeze. Gave us enough time to jump into the water to cool off for a bit before driving off.. Chevrolet Other 2004
what an awesome site, lounge like a Rock Star. Chevrolet Other 2004