Overview of the hang out area. 
Smart TV equipped with USD port, bluetooth stereo, and super comfy lounge with the pillows.. Shasta Other 2021
Kitchen area comes with 3-burner stove, oven, microwave, coffee maker, pots, pans, utensils, knives, and so much more. . Shasta Other 2021
Full size bed.  My son calls it "the cave" and loves it.
Has a USD and Plug.. Shasta Other 2021
Pantry comes with 3 shelves and 3 drawers.  We added additional storage shelves for organization.  . Shasta Other 2021
I don't know about you, but there is nothing better than a hot cookies & biscuits out of the oven.. Shasta Other 2021
Located on the wall next to where the outside hang out happens is brilliant.  Plenty of room for a 4 to have dinner or play a game. . Shasta Other 2021
Awning extends.  Hassle-free steps. Kitchen on one side while the passthrough and sanitization sink is on the other. . Shasta Other 2021
Great prep area, sink, and mini fridge.  
We have an outdoor ChefMate Grill that is viable as an add on.. Shasta Other 2021
For convenience, your basic spices will be set up and ready to enjoy. . Shasta Other 2021
Electric tongue jack, two 20 pound propane tanks, and battery.. Shasta Other 2021
An example of what you might look like while enjoying your life adventure. . Shasta Other 2021
Outdoor life includes bistro lights, rug, prep table, and camping chairs.. Shasta Other 2021
We upgraded the mattress to a hybrid spring and memory foam  mattress along with a mattress pad, ensuring you have bed night sleep ever.  . Shasta Other 2021
Full size bed with window view.
Has a USB and Plug.. Shasta Other 2021
Full size fridge and freezer. Comes with container storage for ease of organization. . Shasta Other 2021
A set of nesting mixing bowls ensure kitchen life will be so easy to prep and store.  Each comes with lids. . Shasta Other 2021
Enjoy (2) ceramic pans and (2) cast iron pots.  . Shasta Other 2021
Shower (with enough room to actually move around) & a skylight. Bathroom cabinet with plenty of storage, sink and toilet for all your business needs. . Shasta Other 2021
Sanitization sink hooked up to hot/cold water.. Shasta Other 2021
This rig is equipped with an outdoor shower...both hot and cold water. . Shasta Other 2021
This is where we hang out and spend most of of time while traveling.  Outdoor speakers, a place to set up a TV, and the awning has rope lighting.. Shasta Other 2021
In our humble opinion, the best layout ever!. Shasta Other 2021
Check out that custom cutting board we added, truly giving you a kitchen that you will really love.  (it lifts and lowers)
. Shasta Other 2021
Just an example of how much space the fridge has for you to stock all your yummies. . Shasta Other 2021