4x4 SUV 2003 GMC Envoy

8 reviews


Estelle G.

4July 2021

Tom was amazing
Car got us where we needed to go with comfort
We user this only as a rental car

Zack T.

5July 2021

Zack T.

5July 2021

Michael M.

3June 2021

If you are desperate for four wheels on Kauai, then this is a viable option. Tom communicated very promptly and given the shortage of cars on the island the price was reasonable. My biggest complaint were the headlights. They were pointed straight down and the lenses were so pitted little light came through. I told Tom and he said he was going to fix them.

Matt M.

5June 2021

Excellent experience, and a genuine nice person to work with. Vehicle was better than expected and provided great transportation around the island. Would definitely work with him again!

Ivan K.

5March 2020

Thomas was the most accommodating person that I ever had business with. Communication was prompt and professional. Car came with everything that you would possible need for perfect camping adventure on Kauai. We loved additional tent option.
Thanks for unforgettable vacation.

Jennifer S.

5February 2020

The truck camper was great! We had such a good time. It was easy to use and had everything we could possibly need. It was such a great experience! Tom was great to work with and very prompt to respond to any questions. I would recommend to anyone. Thanks again!

Susan E.

4.5December 2019

Thomas is pleasant to deal with. I may have picked the wrong time of year for camping due to night rain and early darkness for setting up camp daily after tourism activities. Actually there were plenty of others at the campground I stayed at that used their rented rooftop tents. This is a popular option for staying closer to nature away from hotels. It comes down to if you're a "camper" or not. He has everything you need if you know how to "camp".