TiKi Van Extended custom camper

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Igor K.

5March 2021

We had an outstanding time on Big Island!

Christopher C.

5March 2020

We were coming to Hawaii for 2.5 days and had planned to camp on the island and this Tiki Van did the trick for us, quirks and all.
Things to note about the van: it is an older vehicle and has some quirks. The biggest of them all were the locks and handles. Jonas will go over it with you so don’t fret, you just have to make sure everything’s locked up before leaving. It is also pretty rough on gas, it has a huge tank (probably around 26gal) but it drinks it up pretty fast. There are also some generic noises that come with an old vehicle, but it ran reliably and we didn’t have issues.
Where the van shined the most were the amenities and mods Jonas has added. The solar panels, inverter, and mini fridge were huge assets to us. Jonas also welcomed us with fresh smoothies made in the blender in the van so that was cool. The fridge was great for keeping our drinks and snacks cold. We also were really happy with the ceiling vent/fan and portable fans inside to keep us cool when sleeping. Additionally, Jonas included 2 kayaks and snorkel gear, so that’s another plus if you’re going to have time for snorkeling.
We had limited time on this island and came with a plan already to spend one day in Kona and the other day at the national park so our days were already pretty booked up. But, if you come here with more time and less of a plan, Jonas is your guy. He knows all the best spots in and around Hilo for eating, drinking, snorkeling, camping, fishing, you name it. He truly wants you to get the most out of your trip and will help you with plenty of suggestions for activities.
Though our trip was quick, we had a great time and utilized his snorkel gear at several places around the island. He was generous enough to let us camp on his property where there is an outhouse and warm shower.
If you’re coming to the island to camp and have several days to spend here, I recommend looking into this van.

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Torge L.

4December 2019

We loved living in the tikki van :) Unique experience to travel the big island! The van is greatly equipped with solar panel, fridge, snorkeling gear, Kajaks and other gadgets. Jonas is very flexible and helpful not only on-site but also in the preparation (visa, free tour of Hilo, free campsite in his backyard, free laundry, pick-up and drop-off etc.).
If you like van camping - the tikki van is your choice!
Disadvantages: Sattle road island crossing is not permitted; incl. minimum insurance package we ended up paying 200$/day; high fuel consumption

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