2020 Axis RV ! Super Easy driver! Sleeps 6! RENT ME!

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Jaclyn D.

April 20215

Beautiful RV. Very easy to drive. Lots of space for storage, etc. Chris was very easy to work with and we had a fantastic trip.

Chris’s answer

So happy you had a great time!!

Hugo C.

March 20212

This RV looks too old for a 2020 car. Several items were broken, like the fans on the ceiling, drawers; the fridge door was almost impossible to open. Some doors for storage are not working. The sewer hose is tough to use, I guess it is a factory defect, but it hurts. Everything was too dirty, and we spend a couple of hours cleaning everything up. An Android tablet controls the entire system. Every day it got disconnected, and we needed to unplug the car off the power and reboot the tablet. Sometimes it occurred during the night, and I needed to go out to unplug the car. All equipment (heater, AC, water heater, etc.) stops working when it occurs. The owner was kind and helped me to work on it. But these items need to be fixed to avoid annoying future renters. There is no wifi. There is no exterior storage for any travel bag. Tiny car because the project is not good. Everything is noisy when driving.

Chris’s answer

Too all potential renters
this review from Hugo is pure retaliation.
You can 100% tell by his complaints as he talks about how there is no storage! I’m not The manufacture Thor is ( please see the picture that it’s a SMALL RV with limited storage) If he took the time to view the videos he would have known the unit has limited space. It would not accommodate the excessive luggage (6 suitcases!) he brought along-and I told him this at the onset. As to his complaint the unit is noisy, it’s obvious he’s never been in a RV like this before. I didn’t manufacture the unit Hugo call them to complain about noise! You were obviously never been in a RV! This is not a luxury automobile!! I guarantee if you were to put your house on four wheels and drive at 70 miles an hour it would be loud LOL

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Steve W.

March 20215

Had a great time renting this nice RV! Everything worked and was easy to use. Chris responded quickly to the few questions we had. We would definitely rent this unit again.

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Jonathan H.

February 20215

We had a wonderful trip. The RV was perfect, and Chris was super helpful the whole time if we had questions about anything, from start to finish. 10/10 would very highly recommend! No way you could be disappointed!

Victoria Y.

February 20211

Extremely unprofessional host. The RV itself was nice with minimal problems, but the host was unprofessional. This was our first trip in 17 months and we were really excited. Unfortunately, the experience left us with a lot to be desired.

Chris’s answer

Hello Victoria

Paula D.

January 20215

This was our first RV experience and it did not disappoint. Chris was informative when RV was dropped off all the way to pick up. Had a couple of questions along the journey and he either answered immediately or responded promptly and patiently walked me through. The RV was very clean and easy to operate. I am looking forward to renting one of Chris’s RV’s again soon.
Paula D-

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Thomas H.

January 20215

Brand new and extremely clean RV. Took it skiing and driving in the snow was very easy as highway driving as well. Chris was very helpful and very easy to deal with. Completely recommend it and would defiantly rent again. Thanks for the amazing trip for Christmas and New Years!

Kevin K.

November 20205

Love this RV!! Easy to drive and very nice! Owner is great to rent from!

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Emmanuel D.

November 20205

It’s our first time to rent an RV and go for a camping. This experience was awesome! The RV is so luxurious and comfortable. We enjoyed our stay!

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