Fred - The Freedom Elite

11 reviews


Debbie b.

5December 2019

We had another great experience!

Lela S.

5November 2019

We had a wonderful time! Everything was explained well and it was easy to hook everything up. We will definitely be using “Fred” again.

Robert B.

5October 2019

Instantly available for questions. Extremely polite and well-versed RV owner. I could not be more pleased with this experience.

Jennifer T.

5October 2019

Fred was perfect for us and really enjoyed our trip to visit family in Texas. Jerry was great and answered all our questions.

Gary P.

5September 2019

Renting Fred from Jerry was a great experience! We rented Fred to check off an item on my wife’s bucket list. For 2 weeks in September 2019 we traveled from Birmingham, AL to Oklahoma City and on west to our final destination of the Grand Canyon and back. Along the way we traveled on and off old Route 66 (the “Mother Road”) to see various places of interest, both historic and scenic. Jerry kept in touch along the way to see that our trip progressed smoothly, always offering his services if there was anything he could help out with. Fred served all of our needs and made many lasting memories possible. Both my wife and I highly recommend Jerry and his fine Class C Motor Home “Fred”!

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Donald J.

3August 2019

Jerry was very responsive to questions, however, had the pick up been more informative, there would not have been so many questions. The awning was broke, and that was not communicated to me till the day before pickup, the radio did not work. While not filthy, I would not say it was clean. The floors were swept, but dirty, and the cabin smelled like a hotel room that had been smoked in.

Jonathan D.

5June 2019

We had a very good experience. The owner was very friendly and communicated well. Very responsive and helpful. The rental was exactly as advertised. Would definitely rent again.

Scot A.

5June 2019

Previously on Outdoorsy I have rented a Class B and Class A. Fred is the first Class C, and I was impressed. Class A ... sometimes too Big, Class B, sometimes too small Fred... Just Right! We stayed at Henderson Beach State Park near Destin, FL for a week. 250 mile drive. Fred was easier to drive that I expected. Steers easier than my car. Decent turning radius so getting in and out of the Grocery store parking lot wasn't hard at all. Just had to pay a little more attention while in tight shopping center lots. I parked in two spots which wasnt an issue, just had to look and plan the exit so I didnt get blocked in. Having the generator, meant I was able to run the a/c while waiting on my wife shopping (slow poke). The a/c works great, stayed cool the first few days in 98 degree heat. I liked the U-shaped dining table seating. The two of us were hardly in each others way while both inside. In the class B I rented, my wife and I had to take turns being up and moving around or we were constantly in each others way. We are both over 6' tall. Fred the RV rides like a land yacht. Easy and smooth, smoother than some pickup trucks I've owned. Good visibility. Tracked well while traveling 65-70 on the interstate. We got hit by monsoon rain fronts and being up high I could still see and felt safe, put on the hazards and kept going slow, drove out of harms way rather than pull over. Doors stayed shut on the bumps. Overall a very good mid distance traveler. Runs regular unleaded, gas mileage was about what I expected. Jerry was Very good about communication during reservation, pickup, drop off. No issues there what so ever. Thank you Jerry, I would definitely rent Fred from you again.

Bruce B.

5May 2019

This was exactly what we were hoping; Jerry was great to work with. He was informative and flexible with our flight arrival. Fred (our RV) was clean, comfortable and easy to drive and operate. Thanks, Jerry!

Merry B.

5January 2019

Renting Fred from Jerry completed a truly wonderful vacation!! Nothing like having the whole family together making memories. The motorhome was clean, functional and the perfect size to maneuver anywhere we needed to go. Jerry was a true professional and responded to communication immediately. We have owned motorhomes in the past and this one had been kept clean and was very easy to drive. The size was perfect! We cannot say enough good things about Jerry and the motorhome affectionately called Fred. Without a doubt, we would rent from Jerry again should our family plan another trip in the future! Congratulations! Job well done!!

Rebecca r.

5December 2018

I want to thank Jerry so much for being so patient with us and for answering all of our (many) questions during our trip! Always answered quickly and thoroughly. My son and I had such a good time on our vacation. All thanks to Fred!! It drives very smooth, everything is in working condition, bed was comfortable! I loved it. Another thing I appreciate is that there was no mandatory cleaning fee or anything like that, just a policy to bring it back in the same condition you got it in. Very reasonable policy.