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Not d.

September 20201

A series of unfortunate events.

Joshua’s answer

There was a very unfortunate series of events. The first unfortunate event was actually renting to this person. Red flags were going off long before he repartee and I should have followed my instincts and cancelled his booking because he is the worst renter I have ever had. He wrecked the RV the first night and it only gets worse from there. He ran out of gas two days later and called me cursing, even though I provided a gas can for him in case of an emergency. He then tried to do unauthorized repairs, removed the batteries for the solar system, and left the RV in the side of the freeway. After a profanity-filled tirade, he finally abandoned the RV 850 miles away in Northern California during the wildfires. He also took the IPhone that was provided to use as a WiFi hotspot. This is the only bad review Bianca has had in her three-year rental history. She is a well-loved RV and gets amazing reviews from every other renter. This renter, Bob Burlingham, is without a doubt the worst renter of over 100 happy renters from Outdoorsy. I would avoid him at any cost. Sorry to rant and thanks in advance for understanding. Happy Camping!

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Elaine D.

August 20205

We had a great time in Belinda. She's old, but she has everything you need - dishes, water, device chargers, pillows, a little fridge, solar fan, etc. We had some trouble due to the extreme heat and a possible battery issue, but it was 106 degrees, so any vehicle might be expected to be stressed. Joshua was very communicative, checked in on us multiple times and sought various solutions to our problem and in the end all was well. She got us there, she got us back, and we had a great time. Recommend!

Bobby B.

May 20205

Joshua is a fantastically caring and helpful host. Super easy to deal with and cares a lot about making sure your trip is wonderful. Great experience.

Ryan R.

March 20205

Hey fellow campers,

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Jc V.

January 20205

Great RV, great experience to travel on short distances.

Kevin R.

December 20195

Joshua was fantastic extremely responsive and helpful. Bianca ran like a charm. For an 87’ she is smooth and tackled (slowly) the challenging roads. The bed was comfortable and she was outfitted with many extras that made the trip easy. Special times!

Thomas N.

October 20195

Great trip, Josh was very accommodating and make sure we had everything we would need.

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Peter D.

October 20194

Joshua was very communicative throughout the process and even got up really early to help us check out because we had a early morning flight out. The van was definitely old but ran like a champ the whole trip!

Christopher M.

October 20195

The Van (Bianca) is old but she did not let us down at any point. Me and my friends drove from LA to Yosemite and back without any Problems.

Kieran M.

September 20195

We had an Amaing trip in Bianca! She was mecanically sound and very well equipped.

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Jfc N.

September 20195

We had a wonderful trip with Bianca. We started from Los Angeles, where Joshua gave us plenty of information and good advices, and then we drove all the way to visit a good bunch of natural parks: Lake Mead, Zion, Bryce Canyon, Arches, Canyonland, Monument Valley, Antelope Canyon, Lake Powell and finally Big Bear Lake. It took us 13 days, but what a great trip it was. We took plenty of amazing pictures. Bianca was a great and confortable host and Joshua was always happy to help. We really had a good time! Thanks Joshua!

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Paula P.

August 20194

Josh was great, very nice and very helpful. Bianca needs some work but sounds like Josh is on it for the next renter. I recommend clarifying what exactly is supplied in the truck so that you do not double up as there is not much storage space for extras.

Ash V.

August 20195

This was our first time camping in RV - had fun trip.

Adolfo F.

July 20195

great vehicle, great service.

Katrin D.

June 20195

We drove up the west coast with Bianca and had a great trip. Even though she is an old lady, Bianca did not disappoint us. We were four adults and we still had enough space and felt very comfortable. Joshua was great - whenever we had questions he helped us immediately and was always available. He was very eager to give us a great time. We would highly recommend a roadtrip with Bianca to everyone and will definitely miss her. Thanks Joshua!

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Jimi D.

May 20194

Driving along the coast with Bianca was a great experience that we recommend! Having this vehicle is comfortable if you like the adventure and stay in the nature.

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Dan M.

April 20195

Bianca is an old vehicle, but she never failed us. We got compliments all the way! She was well stocked and Josh was an excellent host - - it's clear he built the vehicle for himself and it carries a bunch of personal touches. I would wholeheartedly recommend you take her for a spin up the PCH, and don't forget to follow Josh's tips if you do!

Anthony S.

April 20195

We absolutely fell in love with this motor home!!!

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Alan H.

April 20195

"Bianca" is everything that is explained in the listing. It is great if what you want is to go completely off grid without having to rely on hook ups, but with the option that you can if you want to.

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Blake M.

March 20195

We had a stellar trip in Bianca. She was located super close to LAX which made the pick up and drop off really easy. Joshua was great about explaining all we needed to know about using an older van. The amenities and amount of space was perfect for our family of two adults and one toddler. Our plan to use the van to sleep in while touring the So Cal beaches meant that we had to think ahead about where we could park without getting towed or ticketed (many places seem to discourage such vehicles to keep vagrancy low), but in the end we found places here and there that were safe and clean.

Bretton D.

January 20195

Had an amazing time with Bianca. She came stocked with everything we needed and was incredibly reliable over our two week trip. Josh was readily available to answer any questions and gave us a thorough run down before we left. Overall, incredible experience and would love to take Bianca out on another adventure.

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Jaime A.

January 20194

We had a wonderful 2 week, 3.5 thousand mile trip up the entire Pacific coast in November thanks to this RV. The steering, engine, etc was perfectly solid and kept us well out of trouble even when road conditions weren't the greatest. Gas mileage was as expected for a 1987 van, and could be kept surprisingly low by sticking below 65 (above that things did get a bit on the wastey side). Only had a single issue with the heating that Joshua took care of despite the distance between us and with GREAT and extremely fast communication. The van is kept clean and with a SURPRISING amount of extras that Joshua includes. Worth mentioning as well that the seats are suuuuper comfy. I was a single driver doing the 3500 miles in 14 days and I didn't have the slightest back/neck/arm pain throughout. Also small enough to park in the vast majority of parking lots, as long as you can get past the height clearance.

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John S.

January 20195

very good

Ben R.

October 20185

My friends and I loved taking Bianca (the RV) on a little road trip. We had such a good time. Joshua was a great host and communication was wonderful. Price was great and the RV was a great vintage experience.

Gareth M.

October 20185

We had an absolutely fantastic time driving Bianca and can’t praise her enough. Super reliable and held up superbly for her age. Joshua was absolutely fantastic as well, very helpful and friendly. Would highly recommend Bianca&joshua for your next or first RV experience. Thanks for everything mate and we look forward to doing business with you in the not too distant future :-)

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John S.

October 20185

We had an eight day trip in Bianca to visit some of California's National Parks covering a fair few miles and she performed flawlessly. OK, so it's a 1987 RV so you need to think of this more like driving a vintage/classic car than a modern vehicle and the pace of travel needs to adjusted to this. So take your time and enjoy the views. Bianca is well kitted out with bedding and kitchen equipment and has everything you need to be fully self contained - the Goal Zero solar power unit is great. All in all, a fantastic experience and good value. Josh is a great guy and so helpful and friend. All in all, very highly recommended.

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