200mi/nt FREE Ford Falcon, WiFi, Sleeps 4, Camera, Toilet, Shower, Solar

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Taylor Y.

May 20215

Trudy was better than we could have imagined! She drove really well and was super comfortable. We took her from LA to Yosemite, to Sequoia and Kings Canyon and back to LA. She was completely reliable and we had no issues. Josh was super helpful, kind and willing to help us with whatever we needed. Trudy comes equipped with all of the essentials (fridge, bathroom, shower, stove, kitchen accessories) and more (Josh included linens, towels, coffee stuff... the list goes on!). AND we got 200 miles a day. This is a great deal with a great owner!

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Juju Y.

December 20205

It was my first rv experience so i had a lot of stupid questions and joshua respond real quik and i learned a lot. Basic things i needed for staying 2nights was already there. I want to rent Trudy later again

Aaron A.

November 20205

Josh was super responsive and loves what he does! Highly recommended!

Chris A.

September 20205

My partner and I drove 2200 miles in Trudy from LA to eastern Oregon and back again. Trudy was all that Joshua promised. Joshua was an amazing host - answered our texts, even in the middle of the night. We had a few minor hiccups ("where's the outside cook stove? what's that blue blinking light mean?"), but all in all Trudy was reliable and comfortable despite her advanced age. The rear view mirror camera is The Bomb! It made me much more confident when driving, especially when changing lanes. I would definitely recommend Joshua as a host and Trudy as a vacation companion.

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Tk K.

August 20205

First off, Josh is great! He is an amazing communicator and was always very quick to respond to any and all questions we had. He really made us feel like he was there with us the whole way - which meant the world to my family and me - as we had never rented an rv before. Second, we didn't originally rent Trudy, we were lined up to rent Bianca, but at the last minute, she needed to be serviced and Josh offered up Trudy. To be honest, I had some reservations at first, as I didn't feel she had as good of reviews as Bianca, but Josh convinced me I would be very happy with her. I'm glad I took him at his word, as Trudy was great! We drove her up the CA coast - as far north as Ft Bragg and then across the state over to Coloma, to do white water rafting on the American River - during a crazy heat wave - and then back to the coast again for the end of our trip. She handled the whole trip amazingly - especially as the heat was a bit unbearable! (She got overheated a couple of times - to be fair, it was over 100 degrees outside - but we gave her a rest and she started up right away and was good to go!) I highly recommend both Trudy and Josh! We hope to take a trip with Trudy again soon!

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Bill W.

August 20204

Josh did a great job communicating with us. There was an electrical problem that resulted in a breakdown during the trip, however that was due to a mistake by the mechanic.

Jonathan S.

July 20201

This is an old van that is not safe, comfortable or reliable. The steering is loose. It does not reach freeway speeds or go up hills well. An outside cover flew open, which I had to duct tape shut pulled over on the 5 Freeway. We had to duct tape shut the drawers and cupboards. The front panel of the refrigerator door fell off before we even left. It was a very unpleasant trip. A 7 hour drive became 10+ hours.

Joshua’s answer

Thanks, I appreciate you taking the time to leave a review. I would never rent an unsafe RV. This renter wrecked Trudy by hitting a brick wall pulling into a driveway and he damaged the top with a scratch going from the front to the back by hitting a tree. His bill was over $1100 and he was disappointed. I was shocked at what a bad renter he was and he even grinded me on the repairs and insisted that I go to four shops for estimates. Before he left, and after I paired his Bluetooth, I told him he could message me 100 times during his trip He never notified me once of any issues or problems. The front panel of the fridge was secured and never came off prior to his possession. I fixed it in less than 30 seconds when he returned. He climbed up the grapevine to get to Tahoe and I explained to him that Trudy is slow going up hills. You just have to anticipate your braking and acceleration. She is a little house that weighs a lot. You have to go the same speed up hill as all of the big trucks. She can go whatever speed you want to go on the highway, but I am most comfortable driving under 70mph. You can also disengage the overdrive for extra power, as I demonstrated prior to his departure. She is very comfy for sleeping and you can even put the memory foam mattress on top of the rear bed for extreme luxury. All of the latches have to be secured prior to take-off. If a door latch gets loose from the wind or if it wasn’t secure, just secure it. She has never needed a latch to be taped over but I will provide white duct tape for future renters. All of the cabinets have RV safely latches. Trudy is my best or second best RV. You can rent her with confidence. She is bright, airy, and very well-maintained. I am always available to ensure you are safe, comfy and having fun. I am sorry you didn’t have an amazing experience. I would not recommend you as a renter and suggest other owners avoid you, as well.

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June 20205

Josh is a highly communicative, caring host. We hit some bumps along the road with mechanical issues, but he was supportive throughout. I learned a ton about RVs and Josh was there the entire way.