Honda Odyssey Camper "Chuckwagon"

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Jason D.

5December 2019

Had an absolute blast living out of this camper for a week along the PCH. The van was clean and came with every piece of equipment I would need. I slept comfortably in bed which only took a few minutes to change over, I was able to do it after long days of hiking without any issues. The all in one kitchen/stove was incredibly convenient and also very quick and easy to setup. If you were to run into issues the van came with a guide and a few pics of the setup to guide you through. The family I rented from was very polite as a whole and was even helpful with the process of picking up and dropping off to and from the airport. I had good memories in the van. This van is perfect for a duo or a solo traveler who wants to cover some distance, aided wonderfully by the good MPG of the Honda. I would not hesitate to rent this same vehicle again.

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Jeremie E.

5August 2019

Had a great trip with Chuck.
Exactly matches the description, no bad surprises. The setup is really good and includes a few things I wouldn't have thought of, such a smoke and carbon monoxyde detectors. Pretty much everything you would need is included to eat, sleep, and even shower.

J P.

5October 2018

What a wonderful CO trip we had in this camper van! This vehicle had everything, and I mean every possible supply, one could need or want. This camper van setup was well thought out and as listed is a great stealth camper. We did not pay any camp fees as we were able to pull off the road and feel totally comfortable and private sleeping in the back of this very clean and in great condition camper van. Would highly recommend for both the quality of the vehicle and for the friendliness and responsiveness of the owners.

Victoria G.

5August 2018

We loved renting this van, it was equipped with everything we could’ve possibly needed. The bedding has been updated since the posting and was super comfy. Before finding this rental, we were going to rent a vehicle and possibly book a hotel but I’m SO glad we did this instead. We camped in the Rocky Mountain National Park and hiked all weekend. The owners are so sweet and so informative. We couldn’t believe how accommodating they were. A big thank you is deserved and if we are ever to return to Colorado, we would definitely rent the chuck wagon again purely for the experience and the amazing hosts.