2006 National Dolphin

4 reviews


Richard J.

1August 2020

I’m so very dispositioned and disappointed on how this trip came out to pay so much for something that doesn’t work correctly to not have running water no AC & no refrigerator and generator turning off every ten minutes I dnt think I couldnt be paid back for such the unpleasant experience I’ve had upon this trip I’m still requesting for full refund please contact me when u are able so we can finalize this refund

Amy A.

2August 2020

It is time, either for a complete overhaul! Or, retirement of this vehicle. It arrived filled to the brim, with Stuff!?! We had to unpack i teams from old, dirty blankets to broken toys, stuck in all of the storage areas! It had to be cleaned, and it took 5 hrs & it still was not completely done. During our 5hr drive, which ended up being a 9hr drive, because the doors to the outside storage compartments would fly open, causing traffic danger. Then the A/C did nothing & we had to stop in order to bring down the temps from 105 to 90! Finally make it to work & most of the A/c vents are broken, meaning you can’t direct the a/c flows. The waste hose is missing the attachment, so, u have to have two ppl manage the clean out. Toilet gets clogged consistently. It truly is a bummer, because it is spacious inside, but, it has seen its day! Time to trade it in😥

Charles B.

2July 2020

Prior to rental, owner was responsive and answered questions. However, the RV had issues: 1) radio didn’t work without the generator running, even when engine was on. 2) The TV’s were not connected. 3) the stairs did not fully retract. 4) the RV grey and waste water was full so we had to dump it immediately after rental began, which owner said he’d reimburse me for, but he didn’t. Also, the owner claimed damage after the fact, but said nothing when we returned it and we had 2 roadside assistance issues (flat tire (rv had no spare) and a dragging rear mudflap). We paid to fix/remove both during our rental and notified the owner along the way. Despite the negatives, the rv is spacious and relatively clean, but can’t recommend the owner.

Armond O.

5June 2020

Great RV- Tony is an excellent host ready to answer questions.

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