2012 Ford Majestic 23a

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Mario O.

4February 2022

Eddie is a good guy very helpful with anything we needed, the RV is comfortable, perfect for myself and my wife. The only issue we had was with the battery dying every day had to keep charging it by turning on engine for 15-20 minutes not sure what was going on but Eddie said he would check that out otherwise everything else worked fine.

Andrea V.

3January 2022

Gary K.

4November 2021

We were left in a lurch when the first rv owner cancelled because we expected him to have fixed his cabin heater or provide a space heater to keep the area warm as we were heading into the Sierra Nevadas in mid-October 2021. That flake did neither.
In stepped Outdoorsy and the team there was a lifesaver. First they offered to refund our entire payment we had made to the flake, or find us an alternative rv. We choose the later although with one or two days to go before our trip was to start we did not have much hope. Outdoorsy team stepped in and found us an alternate rv within 15-20 minutes.
Because of the circumstances, this unit was newer than the one we had chosen and more expensive. Not to worry, Outdoorsy covered the entire overage of the new rv owed by Eddie Torres. Eddie was a gentleman and very easy to work with. This trip was an endurance test as far as heaters go. When we reached a point on our trip where we needed a heater at night we discovered Eddie's did not work. As opposed to andy the flake, Eddie first texted us thru all the steps again to get it working. When that still did not do the trick he agreed to cover the cost of an electric space heater up to $50. We got lucky(not) and found a good one for $40. Only it turned out that heater didn't work either despite talking to a company call center for at least an hour and a half. (Corporate America customer service call centers are an oxymoron ). We survived the night and took it back the next day. Then we bought a cheaper model $30 because it was all the store had. It worked GREAT. We continued our trip up thru Yosemite, Kings Canyon and saw the wonders of those magnificent National Parks. Thanks to Outdoorsy and Eddie Torres.

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5July 2021

great RV for trip with the family. definetly would rent again from Eddie. He is always a phone call away for any questions.

Karl S.

5September 2020

Experience was great. RV worked perfectly.

Daniel L.

5September 2020

he gave us awesome help in our trip!!!!
it was my family's first trip..
great experience with his help

Michael P.

5August 2020

Never rented an RV before. His price was right. Got the whurlwind tour of how to work all the mechanics. Everything worked flawlessly... refigerator, sewage, water, etc...

Jorge V.

1July 2020

This is not the first time I have rented and RV but it was my first time renting from this site. My advice to you is: rent from a local business that specializes in renting RVs. It may seem more expensive to rent from them, but it really isn't. In my case, I tried saving $100 and ended up spending more than $1000 extra after adding all the owner's BS charges, the hotels, the Uber rides, and the campground fees (that campground went unused for 3 out of the 4 nights I paid for), etc.

Mario G.

5July 2020

Eddie was very helpful, always quick to response and reliable. Highly recommend

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Cristina L.

4July 2020

It was everything we needed for our road trip! Thank you Eddie


1April 2020

Check engine light on the whole time. 120 miles a day for long trip seems like a joke. 350$ deposit plus additional fees that are outrageous considering how much they really cost. He mixed up his car with a Lamborghini it seems.

Victor D.

5March 2020

Eddie was a class act.
My trip got canceled do to this whole corona virus.
when I explained that to Eddie, he didnt hesitate to cancel my booking.
Thanks again Eddie

Leonard T.

4February 2020

2nd time using this RV and once again, it was exactly what I needed for the family. Owner responses quickly when you need to know something. Highly recommended

Julien L.

5November 2019

Great communication and flexibility. Very appreciative of Eddie.

Liza K.

5October 2019

We had a great time with Eddies RV. It was clean, easy to drive and run!

Amy W.

4August 2019

Eddie is a nice guy to deal with. Very reasonable, good communication. Was a good first time experience using Outdoorsy. Don't hesitate to rent from him.

Wendy L.

5July 2019

Eddie was great to work with! He is pleasant and easy to talk to and was always available for any questions. RV was very clean and fit our family perfectly--(2 adults, 3 kids). We had a great trip. I would recommend this RV! Thanks Eddie :-)

Arman C.

5July 2019

Eddie was very professional and helpful. Very nice to rent from Eddie. The Rv is not perfect but got the job done. My family had a great time and we traveled safely. Would rent from Eddie again!

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Emby D.

5June 2019

Excellent communication! Made himself very accessible for any questions I had. It was my first time renting an RV and he made me feel good about driving off on my vacation

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Leonard T.

4June 2019

Great experience and was able to provide my family with a great trip.

Samuel C.

5June 2019

We had a great trip with this RV. Our friends who joined us on the trip were a little envious of how much space we had without it being a giant RV.

Cynthia G.

5May 2019

Thanks so much for the awesome vacation. My kids will remember it for a long time to come. We decided to rent this RV because I have a 6 month old baby and the weather forecast was scattered showers. We only wished we had more time to spend and a LOT more time to spend camping. Eddie is very knowledgeable about every detail of his RV and explained how everything functioned. The RV was immaculate and our family had the time of their lives. We loved the RV and had a great time. Hopefully we can do it again this summer.

Steve L.

5January 2019

Excellent trip and Rv was great

Martha J.

5September 2018


Jerome G.

5September 2018

Eddie met us the night before trip and was helpful and efficient on training us on the vehicle. The RV itself was clean and in excellent condition. Eddie knows every small ding and scratch, inside and out, and pointed them out so we would not be responsible. We drove the RV around 1,300 miles and had absolutely no problems. A perfect experience from a great guy. Thanks Eddie!

Kelly E.

5June 2018

Eddie was super attentive and very helpful from beginning to end. The RV drove beautifully (like a SUV) and the vehicle and cabin was very clean. A great experience -- highly recommend!

Robert H.

5September 2017

Eddie was great. This RV was perfect for our trip. Excellent service. I would definitely rent from Eddie again. Thank you

Marie L.

2April 2017

Eddie is a nice guy and his RV was the perfect size for us. I would advise thoroughly checking for cleanliness if you decide to rent. Additionally, make sure the battery for the RV is fully operational and all fixtures are secure.