1999 Winnebago Warrior with 2-way Propane or Electric Fridge/Freezer

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Adam C.

5May 2021

RV worked so well for us! Jeffrey is a kind and thoughtful owner, very helpful and thorough! Would work with him again 100%

Jeffrey’s answer

Thank you Adam, I'm so glad I could help you get your sports program off to a renewed start after such a difficult year for us all.

Sabre K.

4May 2021

Great time with the family seeing the National Parks of Oregon and Washington. Great vehicle to get around in!

Deqa S.

5April 2021

We had a fun trip on the RV and the owner is awesome!


3September 2020

Jeffrey had great communication. We ended up having to switch RV's due to some mechanical issues with the one I originally reserved. The second RV had some wear and tear, but everything worked fine. Overall was a good trip and RV was a great addition.

Stephen B.

1September 2020

Caution. My wife and I flew in from Michigan and rented this rv for a two week road trip around Washington. If you read through all of the negative reviews for this RV and this owner, we experienced every single one of those same problems and more. I unfortunately gave this owner the benefit of the doubt that things would be fine but I was definitely wrong. This ad is a lie and does not even come close to an accurate representation of the vehicle. We ended up cutting our trip a few days short because we were so sick of dealing with everything. I know this is long but it will be worth reading if you are considering renting this RV.

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Danielle A.

4July 2020

Good starter or first time rental. Not the prettiest thing on the road, but did everything expected. It got us to where we were going and our teens still had fun.

Jeffrey’s answer

All customer damage, mainly cosmetic, such as striking tree branches, some folks have a harder time than others.
Unfortunately the insurance and dealer repair shop can take months to complete final repairs, and work can't begin until winter. Still a good value. Thanks Danielle, happy to again.

Bevin G.

5May 2020

My fiancé and I were new to the RV world.
Originally, we were flying from Boston to Seattle for a wedding. However, Covid was born and changed the globe.
We stuck with our plan and decided to do an RV trip.
Through this site-I chose Jeff after much research.

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Patrice L.

1February 2020

I can’t stress enough how badly you should run away from this listing! The listing photos of his rv and are not at all representative of the condition. I had a severe reaction to the mold and mildew that were all over the rv including the sopping wet moldy pillows that were shoved in the corners of the bunk to sop up water. There was dried diarrhea all over the toilet and lid-not a little bit-ALOT! The floor between the carpet and vinyl feels like you will fall through, there’s no back step and it’s a three foot drop to exit the rv. No step stool or alternative provided. You can’t use any of the window blinds as they are all zip tied open!! The owner didn’t provide a written lease to us at pickup or drop off, no signed condition report. He also was able to make additional charges to my credit card! Not charges deducted from my deposit (which there shouldn’t be any) but actually charging my credit card himself with no explanation at all! He actually had the nerve to tell me that my husband needed to contact him if he wanted to continue the conversation because he wasn’t going to deal with me any longer because I was a complainer! I was super polite throughout the entire ordeal! He ignored all texts to both numbers he provided and didn’t respond to me until Outdoorsy contacted him about my complaint! It’s been such a nightmare that I had to file a case with Outdoorsy. This was my first experience and likely my last at this point.

Jeffrey’s answer

You can just come look at it like they did? Do you want to spend all day filling out paper or go on a VERY last minute road trip? Because you can't do both. The website has confirmed that my digital version is sufficient so why complain about this? I would not rent to her again. The husband who I actually met, I would, so long as he opened his own account. I would not recommend anyone else rent to her without previewing it before booking and she personally does the training and pick up of the RV.

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Brian R.

3September 2019

Jeff was good to work with but the RV itself was less than expected. Several items did not function properly including the step into and out of the RV which presented a safety hazard. The faucet was leaky and the generator didn’t kick out enough power to run the AC.

Jeffrey’s answer

The built in steps on this size rv with the door just behind the axle get damaged by renters running them into curbs etc. (customers would not want to pay hundreds of dollars to repair it every time it hits a curb). As I explained to Brian it's not possible to keep it in service so a portable step is provided. I am sorry if that was not located or used, it may have been left behind by the previous group and overlooked. In many cases people prefer not to use any step at all but either way I do my best to provide the best experience possible. I can't redesign rvs and renters often don't realize they are custom made and not always made well.
The water system still had some water left it for me to rinse the toilet upon return, so at least it did not run out of water and was used for what was needed.
We had many discussions about power needs for this trip because it was going to be off grid without any access to power and was needed at night time but the campground has a quiet time and does not allow generators running at night. AC was not considered to be most important, the temp was falling by this time of year and it was not an option to run the ac at night. We tested the generator at training and AC and was blowing cold upon testing but with newer equipment it was not curtain how long it would run for. They were already limited by the time of day and amount of fuel carried. Most importantly they did have power to keep the batteries and other appliances running and they used all the fuel they brought along at my expense so they got good use out of the free included generator power. Because of possible medical needs, I recommended some custom equipment they could buy such as a portable battery pack for this trip that I could not provide but they did not follow through on my suggestion. Anyone camping in a remote location without any hookups for more than 1 night in a row needs to understand the limitation of any rv with factory equipment and customize as needed for whatever the trip is going to require. Not all rvs are exactly the same, in fact lots of special equipment is available. When I buy one I get whatever was ordered when it was new, not every possible option. If you camp in a place with no electricity and no water, special care is required. Luxuries like AC or hot showers in the woods are still limited when without any utilities.... even with an rv. That could mean zero, or it could mean limited capacity/hours of operation. If you own your rv you can customize it and know what's possible, rentals on the other hand will vary in options.

Robert I.

5August 2019

Jeff was very accommodating. RV is festival friendly.

Tom P.

5July 2019

The RV had power when we needed it, handled well, was clean and we would rent it again.

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Shin C.

5June 2019

Jeff made our first RV experience awesome and memorable. He explained all the details and what not to dos in a very friendly manner and easy to understand. I would definitely use Jeff's RV again because he was so nice. Highly recommned!

H G.

2April 2019

Jeffrey's speedometer is way out about 10 miles an hour, Jeff did not tell us this. We were just glad we noticed this by driving past the speedometer signs on a road telling us we were speeding and going over 30 though the speedometer said 25! The van was not very clean, the fuel was low and it was smelly. When we picked it up the drivers windscreen had a big crack in it which was not listed in the many bumps and broken items on the van. Luckily my husband noticed this so we didn't have to pay for a new windscreen. The beds were a struggle for my family of 4 though it states it will sleep 5. My son felt very claustrophobic sleeping over the cab with my husband as the other beds were too short for them. I had communicated with Jeff to ensure that he would provide a bike rack, however there was no bike rack on collection. He tried to talk us into using a ski rack though obviously that wouldn't be safe. We drove to his parents for him to look for the bike rack but he couldn't find it and after him offering other alternatives that would not be safe for our bikes. We left feeling fed up that we had wasted time and had no bike rack that he had agreed to provide. He rang us to come back to get a bike rack which he had eventually found, so we had to go back and waste more time. I felt let down by Jeff as the holiday was stressful due to the vans shortcomings and things not being ready as he had agreed. Jeffrey was polite but very disorganized. I would not rent from him again.

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James E.

4October 2018

As mentioned by others, Jeffrey is friendly, helpful and easy to work with. The Minnie Winnie I rented from him was nearly 20 years old and was pretty beat up cosmetically. Several small items were broken or jury-rigged to function, things like privacy curtains were falling apart, and we found left-behinds from previous users such as toenail clippings and women's underpants in the rig's nooks and crannies. If cleanliness is important to your camping experience--if you are looking for a rolling 4-star hotel--better give this one a skip. But big picture: Everything that MATTERS, for instance the running gear, reefer, hot water, genset and toilet, functioned perfectly, and the price is half that of similarly sized vehicles of more recent vintage.

Lacey L.

4September 2018

The vehicle was in sound working condition. Jeffrey took time to explain how things worked, and advice to make our trip run smoothly.

Kristy A.

4August 2018

The RV was mechanically sound, price was good and served its purpose. Jeff was easy to work with which made this experience much bettter for a first time renter

Conor M.

4August 2018

Jeffrey is a great guy, very easy to work with. He is busy renting multiple RVs, and there is traffic in Seattle (duh), so if planning airport shuttling, give yourself extra time. We planned our reip with a time crunch on day one and got behind schedule when traffic kept Jeff from picking us at airport on time. The RV itself is well warn, but comfortable and drives nicely. Would rent again. Thanks Jeff!

Brian B.

4July 2018

Overall a good price

Dr j.

3February 2018

Solid and safe, although a bit stinky. Still, had a great time on my first RV adventure. The owner was very easy to work with.