2016 Coachmen Leprechaun "On The Road Again RV"

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Manuel D.

1August 2020

I have to admit that I did not respond to this request for a review back in March simply because I was not entirely happy with my experience but Christy was real nice and responsive Ana’s really my compliantsnjad tomdonwith the folks she uses to rent the RV. so I went with “No Comment”. For starters the company she uses to manage her rentals was not very helpful in walking me through the RV as this was my first time usOmg an RV. Luckily there is YouTube. As I drove off I noticed the RV had a hard pill to the right. I checked air pressure and one tire had only 30psi. You would think that tire pressure would be a basic check of a rental prior to renting it. During my trip the propane alarm went off almost every night even after I shut off the main line. Horrible way to wake everyone night. Once I returned it I thought it was all good. Then on July 29, 4 months after my initial rental I received a random text saying a claim was filed against my rental. Prior to this I received no call or received no messages from rental place or Christy. I texted Christy and she did not reply. I then Logged into my Outdoorsy account and saw that on March 19 she had inboxes me a message that simply said “roof damage” I inboxed her in outdoorsy account and then proceeded to tell me that there was extensive damage to roof. At the time of rental a full video was taken of roof and inspection was again done when o returned. No damage was noted. I tried to explain my case to her and radio silence. It is now August and I still don’t know what’s up. I have asked for proof of damage and confirmation I was the right renter being accused of damaging RV. No replies Mind you I returned RV in a very tight deadline because it was to be rented within hours of my return. Overall without the bs of this claim i would be on fence about ever using again. Now I would certainly not recommend. I know folks make mistakes but you have to communicate.

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Raymond(ray) S.

4January 2020

First time renters here!

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Janice C.

5October 2019

Awesome rental, awesome coordination and communication ... made our 4-day outing a perfect experience.

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Michael S.

5January 2019

Great experience. RV was clean, comfortable and easy to maneuver. Christy was very responsive and the communication was super.

Kathryn S.

5October 2018

The Leprechaun worked out nicely for us, Christy and Michelle were great to work with. We rented for a week.

Laurie S.

5September 2018

Christy is easy to work with and her communication is very good and timely. The RV was very clean and easy to drive. It was a fun experience.