Grand Rapids, MI RV Rentals and Motorhome Rentals

$225 / Night
0Mercedes RV  #28C  Wayland, MI
$195 / Night
0Roadtrek Zion 38B  Wayland, MI
1Roadtrek Zion 38B  Wayland, MI
2Roadtrek Zion 38B  Wayland, MI
3Roadtrek Zion 38B  Wayland, MI
4Roadtrek Zion 38B  Wayland, MI
5Roadtrek Zion 38B  Wayland, MI
6Roadtrek Zion 38B  Wayland, MI
7Roadtrek Zion 38B  Wayland, MI
8Roadtrek Zion 38B  Wayland, MI
9Roadtrek Zion 38B  Wayland, MI
10Roadtrek Zion 38B  Wayland, MI
11Roadtrek Zion 38B  Wayland, MI
12Roadtrek Zion 38B  Wayland, MI
13Roadtrek Zion 38B  Wayland, MI
14Roadtrek Zion 38B  Wayland, MI
15Roadtrek Zion 38B  Wayland, MI
16Roadtrek Zion 38B  Wayland, MI
17Roadtrek Zion 38B  Wayland, MI
18Roadtrek Zion 38B  Wayland, MI
19Roadtrek Zion 38B  Wayland, MI
20Roadtrek Zion 38B  Wayland, MI
21Roadtrek Zion 38B  Wayland, MI
22Roadtrek Zion 38B  Wayland, MI
23Roadtrek Zion 38B  Wayland, MI
24Roadtrek Zion 38B  Wayland, MI
25Roadtrek Zion 38B  Wayland, MI
26Roadtrek Zion 38B  Wayland, MI
27Roadtrek Zion 38B  Wayland, MI
$160 / Night
02010 Dutchmen Colorado  Alto, MI
12010 Dutchmen Colorado  Alto, MI
22010 Dutchmen Colorado  Alto, MI
32010 Dutchmen Colorado  Alto, MI
42010 Dutchmen Colorado  Alto, MI
52010 Dutchmen Colorado  Alto, MI
$125 / Night
02017 springdale Springdale  Alto, MI
12017 springdale Springdale  Alto, MI
22017 springdale Springdale  Alto, MI
32017 springdale Springdale  Alto, MI
42017 springdale Springdale  Alto, MI
52017 springdale Springdale  Alto, MI
62017 springdale Springdale  Alto, MI
72017 springdale Springdale  Alto, MI
82017 springdale Springdale  Alto, MI
92017 springdale Springdale  Alto, MI
102017 springdale Springdale  Alto, MI
112017 springdale Springdale  Alto, MI
122017 springdale Springdale  Alto, MI
132017 springdale Springdale  Alto, MI
142017 springdale Springdale  Alto, MI
152017 springdale Springdale  Alto, MI
162017 springdale Springdale  Alto, MI
172017 springdale Springdale  Alto, MI
182017 springdale Springdale  Alto, MI
$100 / Night
02011 Coachmen Freedom Express  Alto, MI
12011 Coachmen Freedom Express  Alto, MI
22011 Coachmen Freedom Express  Alto, MI
32011 Coachmen Freedom Express  Alto, MI
42011 Coachmen Freedom Express  Alto, MI
52011 Coachmen Freedom Express  Alto, MI
62011 Coachmen Freedom Express  Alto, MI
72011 Coachmen Freedom Express  Alto, MI
$99 / Night
01991 Damon Hornet  Zeeland, MI
11991 Damon Hornet  Zeeland, MI
21991 Damon Hornet  Zeeland, MI
31991 Damon Hornet  Zeeland, MI
41991 Damon Hornet  Zeeland, MI
$125 / Night
02006 Dutchmen Dutchmen  Coopersville, MI
12006 Dutchmen Dutchmen  Coopersville, MI
22006 Dutchmen Dutchmen  Coopersville, MI
32006 Dutchmen Dutchmen  Coopersville, MI
42006 Dutchmen Dutchmen  Coopersville, MI
52006 Dutchmen Dutchmen  Coopersville, MI
62006 Dutchmen Dutchmen  Coopersville, MI
72006 Dutchmen Dutchmen  Coopersville, MI
$325 / Night
02015 Jayco Seneca  Alto, MI
12015 Jayco Seneca  Alto, MI
22015 Jayco Seneca  Alto, MI
32015 Jayco Seneca  Alto, MI
42015 Jayco Seneca  Alto, MI
52015 Jayco Seneca  Alto, MI
62015 Jayco Seneca  Alto, MI
72015 Jayco Seneca  Alto, MI
82015 Jayco Seneca  Alto, MI
92015 Jayco Seneca  Alto, MI
$137 / Night
02016 Jayco White Hawk  Saranac, MI
12016 Jayco White Hawk  Saranac, MI
22016 Jayco White Hawk  Saranac, MI
32016 Jayco White Hawk  Saranac, MI
42016 Jayco White Hawk  Saranac, MI
52016 Jayco White Hawk  Saranac, MI
62016 Jayco White Hawk  Saranac, MI
72016 Jayco White Hawk  Saranac, MI
82016 Jayco White Hawk  Saranac, MI
92016 Jayco White Hawk  Saranac, MI
102016 Jayco White Hawk  Saranac, MI
112016 Jayco White Hawk  Saranac, MI
$145 / Night
0Palomino Puma - 1TTK  Muskegon, MI
1Palomino Puma - 1TTK  Muskegon, MI
2Palomino Puma - 1TTK  Muskegon, MI
3Palomino Puma - 1TTK  Muskegon, MI
4Palomino Puma - 1TTK  Muskegon, MI
5Palomino Puma - 1TTK  Muskegon, MI
6Palomino Puma - 1TTK  Muskegon, MI
7Palomino Puma - 1TTK  Muskegon, MI
8Palomino Puma - 1TTK  Muskegon, MI
9Palomino Puma - 1TTK  Muskegon, MI
10Palomino Puma - 1TTK  Muskegon, MI
11Palomino Puma - 1TTK  Muskegon, MI
12Palomino Puma - 1TTK  Muskegon, MI
$145 / Night
0Keystone Hideout - 22ttk  Muskegon, MI
1Keystone Hideout - 22ttk  Muskegon, MI
2Keystone Hideout - 22ttk  Muskegon, MI
3Keystone Hideout - 22ttk  Muskegon, MI
4Keystone Hideout - 22ttk  Muskegon, MI
5Keystone Hideout - 22ttk  Muskegon, MI
6Keystone Hideout - 22ttk  Muskegon, MI
7Keystone Hideout - 22ttk  Muskegon, MI
8Keystone Hideout - 22ttk  Muskegon, MI
9Keystone Hideout - 22ttk  Muskegon, MI
$145 / Night
0Crossroads Sunset - 2TTk  Muskegon, MI
1Crossroads Sunset - 2TTk  Muskegon, MI
2Crossroads Sunset - 2TTk  Muskegon, MI
3Crossroads Sunset - 2TTk  Muskegon, MI
4Crossroads Sunset - 2TTk  Muskegon, MI
5Crossroads Sunset - 2TTk  Muskegon, MI
6Crossroads Sunset - 2TTk  Muskegon, MI
7Crossroads Sunset - 2TTk  Muskegon, MI
8Crossroads Sunset - 2TTk  Muskegon, MI
9Crossroads Sunset - 2TTk  Muskegon, MI
10Crossroads Sunset - 2TTk  Muskegon, MI
11Crossroads Sunset - 2TTk  Muskegon, MI
12Crossroads Sunset - 2TTk  Muskegon, MI
13Crossroads Sunset - 2TTk  Muskegon, MI
14Crossroads Sunset - 2TTk  Muskegon, MI
15Crossroads Sunset - 2TTk  Muskegon, MI
16Crossroads Sunset - 2TTk  Muskegon, MI
17Crossroads Sunset - 2TTk  Muskegon, MI
18Crossroads Sunset - 2TTk  Muskegon, MI

Recent traveler reviews in Grand Rapids, MI

Very nice RV and easily able to communicate with. Thank you!
Teresa was very helpful and made our camping experience great. She was flexible on arrival time (since we were driving in from out of state) and return time. She has the trailer...
Teresa was very kind & very helpful. Very great person to rent from & would highly recommend her! She literally provides everything you need except for food & drinks!
Love the experience working with Craig, he was very helpful!
Craig was amazing. He helped walk me through the entire process. I would highly recommend him.
Great motorhome in excellent condition with all the amenities one could need! Craig was knowledgeable and took the time to answer all questions. Thanks for a great experience.
Always reachable. Garr understands his customers and he is very nice.
Great experience and great communication!
Had an awesome time in my RV rental! This class C was comfortable and easy to drive - even without any motor home experience! Staff here was helpful and even had rental available...
Several issues that made the trip very difficult and the things we were told we would have we did not.
Mark and The Hornet (theRV) were awesome!! Exceptional rental experience, we plan to book with him again. Mark, you were great thank you for being so patient and always quickly...
Mark W VerWys
1991 Damon Hornet
Mark was exceptionally helpful and the RV was in excellent condition.
Mark W VerWys
1991 Damon Hornet

Information About Grand Rapids, MI

Grand Rapids is the second largest city in Michigan and has the novel nickname of Furniture City due to playing home to many large furniture manufacturers. There is much more to this place than fixtures and fittings however, and with its booming tourism industry it is a great place to rent an RV in. Michigan with much of its roots in music, means this city is no different. The location is proud of its many music venues, including the Orbit Room, the DAAC and the intersection. If the only reason to visit Grand Rapids is for a gig, then you are definitely in good hands. Visitors flock to the John Ball Zoological Garden, located on the West side of the city. The gardens provide a little sojourn, in the company of some majestic animals. Parents, this is not to be missed; an unforgettable day for the little ones. Music, culture and the great outdoors aside, another great reason to stumble upon Grand Rapids on your RV escapades, is to experience the wonderful 4 seasons that the area has to offer. It makes planning a trip that little easier when you know its time to pack the long johns.

Top 10 Hiking Trails for RVers

Hiking Trail City State
Atwater Loop Trail Kalamazoo Michigan
Potawatomi Trail Unadilla Township Michigan
Crooked Lake Trail Pinckney Michigan
The Manistee River Loop Trail Brethren Michigan
Waterloo-Pinckney Recreation Hiking Trail Waterloo Twp Michigan
Warren Dunes Trail Bridgman Michigan
Chain of Lakes Pinckney Michigan
Brighton Recreation Area Loop Trails Brighton Michigan
Fort Custer Recreation Area Charleston Twp Michigan
Egypt Valley Trail Ada Michigan

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