2012 Casita 17 Freedom Deluxe

7 reviews


Jason H.

June 20215

Kevin B.

September 20205

This was our very first RV experience and we will cherish it. The Casita was perfect for driving to LA in a "bubble". The ideas worked perfectly and by camping in state parks along the way, we were able to truly enjoy the trip. Tim was very accommodating to get the trip started and equally efficient and friendly upon our return. He was very responsive to any text questions we had during the trip. The Casita had everything we needed - refrigerator, kitchenette, bathroom, shower, and bed. We took to RV camping pretty quickly and were impressed with the accommodations at state parks along the way. The Casita is small and manageable and even fit on my son's driveway during our visit. Can't recommend this enough.

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Tom F.

August 20205

We had a great trip in the Casita. Tim was great leading up to our trip with timely, helpful communication. It was our first RV experience and Tim gave us a thorough walk-through of the RV and its operation before departure. We would definitely recommend this RV.

Carolyn G.

August 20205

We had the best time in the Casita. I highly recommend renting this camper -- except that I want to rent it again and again!
Thanks Tim!

Susan Z.

May 20195

Tim is great to work with and is very accommodating!

Shawn K.

May 20185

We rented the same camper again this year and were very pleased once again. Tim is great to work with and gets back to you immediately if you have any questions. We loved the extra memory foam mattress left for the bed. Made it very comfortable . Looking forward to doing this again next year. Big thumbs up from us.

D S.

April 20185

We traveled to 11 states on our trip to and back from Arizona and New Mexico. Upon picking up the trailer, I noticed the tires were low on air and that the sidewalls had bulges. I mentioned this to Tim and he immediately said he’d put new tires on it including the spare, within the hour. He didn’t hesitate for even a second. He even took my recommendation for tire brand and model. Tim was very pleasant to work with and was very flexible. The window shades are a little fussy but otherwise the Casita was as advertised and worked out very well for us. It pulled very easily and never gave us any trouble. We left the rear dinette set up as a bed the whole time we used it. The fridge worked great and the freezer kept things solid. One note, when you are pulling the trailer, put the fridge on 12 volt. When you’re stopped for the day, be sure to switch it to propane or 120 volt if you’re at a site with an electrical hook up. All in all, we enjoyed using this trailer and Tim was great to work with.
Thanks Tim.

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