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Reno, NV RV Rentals and Motorhome Rentals

$250 / Night
0Road Ranger  Roseville, CA
1Road Ranger  Roseville, CA
2Road Ranger  Roseville, CA
3Road Ranger  Roseville, CA
4Road Ranger  Roseville, CA
5Road Ranger  Roseville, CA
6Road Ranger  Roseville, CA
7Road Ranger  Roseville, CA
8Road Ranger  Roseville, CA
9Road Ranger  Roseville, CA
10Road Ranger  Roseville, CA
11Road Ranger  Roseville, CA
12Road Ranger  Roseville, CA
13Road Ranger  Roseville, CA
14Road Ranger  Roseville, CA
15Road Ranger  Roseville, CA
16Road Ranger  Roseville, CA
17Road Ranger  Roseville, CA
18Road Ranger  Roseville, CA
19Road Ranger  Roseville, CA
20Road Ranger  Roseville, CA
Road Ranger
$202 / Night
02004 Monaco Monarch  Magalia, CA
12004 Monaco Monarch  Magalia, CA
22004 Monaco Monarch  Magalia, CA
32004 Monaco Monarch  Magalia, CA
42004 Monaco Monarch  Magalia, CA
52004 Monaco Monarch  Magalia, CA
62004 Monaco Monarch  Magalia, CA
72004 Monaco Monarch  Magalia, CA
82004 Monaco Monarch  Magalia, CA
2004 Monaco Monarch

Recent traveler reviews in Reno, NV

The trailer is very nice. Rob was a pleasure to work with. He is a great communicator and did some extra nice things for us. We would rent Rob's trailer again.
Gus is a blast to camp in and very easy to use. Micheal is very accommodating and great to work with. Would definitely rent again.
Michael is an absolute rockstar! He was so helpful and accommodating despite my complicated situation. I will no doubt be booking again you can't go wrong here.
Just got back from a short trip with "Bess," our first trip camping in a Sprinter. We had a blast! Mike made it very easy, met with us and went over all the systems before we...
We had a fantastic time with Gus the sprinter. It had everything we needed to get out and explore all the ski resorts the area has to offer. Saving on resort meal cost, drink,...
Gus is a great "bring it all" rig in which we got 3 bikes (wheels on). Michael is an excellent communicator and Bruce was helpful at pick-up/drop-off. We had a positive rental...
Nice vehicle with lots more gear than expected. Mercedes base vehicle takes some getting used to. Especially locks and doors. But the camping enhancements are excellent. Easy...
All the details made the difference. Cannot wait until the next Adventure!
It doesn't get any better than this experience. Michael and our trip in Gus were top notch from start to finish. We got many others asking about the Sierra Mule and couldn't...
Everything was in working order and very easy to use. Michael was very helpful. I will be renting from him again.
Michael is a man with a plan! He provides a valuable service in an amazing place.
Michael was helpful and flexible with the whole process. He gave us good information that made the trip even better!

Information About Reno, NV

Casinos and ski resorts are on visitor's minds when they consider a trip to Reno, and the city is also a favorite destination for those that like boating, golf, or horseback riding. The city holds a number of annual events, including car shows, balloon races, and festivities for Cinco de Mayo. Reno is also the home of the Nevada Museum of Art and the National Automobile Museum. The nearby Lake Tahoe International Airport is big enough to handle virtually any flight, so you can fly in from almost anywhere. Rent an RV in Reno to explore both northern Nevada and California. The California border is only minutes away to the west, and Yosemite National Park is less than four hours away along a scenic southern highway. Aside from the glitter of the strip and the glow of a snowy mountain at night, Reno is also an ideal point from which to explore several parks, preserves, and wildlife management areas that preserve this unique temperate desert, mountain, and wetlands environment that rests in the shadow of the Sierra Nevada Mountain Range. Herds of mustangs still freely roam the grasslands of the nearby Truckee Meadows, an iconic symbol of the American west.

Top 10 Hiking Trails for RVers

Hiking Trail City State
Mount Tallac Trail South Lake Tahoe California
Feather Falls Loop Trail Oroville California
Eagle Lake Trail South Lake Tahoe California
Clementine Trail to Clark's Pool Auburn California
Hidden Falls Trail Auburn California
Rubicon Trail South Lake Tahoe California
Fairy Falls Trail to Beale/Shingle Falls Penn Valley California
Horsetail Falls Trail Twin Bridges California
Hunter Creek Trail Reno Nevada
Stevens Trail Colfax California

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