Salem, OR RV Rentals and Motorhome Rentals

$165 / Night
01996 Tioga Montara  Gladstone, OR
$160 / Night
02015 Forest River Cougar  Beaverton, OR
$199 / Night
02004 Winnebago Chalet  Hillsboro, OR
12004 Winnebago Chalet  Hillsboro, OR
22004 Winnebago Chalet  Hillsboro, OR
32004 Winnebago Chalet  Hillsboro, OR
42004 Winnebago Chalet  Hillsboro, OR
52004 Winnebago Chalet  Hillsboro, OR
62004 Winnebago Chalet  Hillsboro, OR
72004 Winnebago Chalet  Hillsboro, OR
$146 / Night
01975 Heartland Prowler  Portland, OR
11975 Heartland Prowler  Portland, OR
21975 Heartland Prowler  Portland, OR
31975 Heartland Prowler  Portland, OR
41975 Heartland Prowler  Portland, OR
51975 Heartland Prowler  Portland, OR
61975 Heartland Prowler  Portland, OR
71975 Heartland Prowler  Portland, OR
81975 Heartland Prowler  Portland, OR
91975 Heartland Prowler  Portland, OR
101975 Heartland Prowler  Portland, OR
111975 Heartland Prowler  Portland, OR
121975 Heartland Prowler  Portland, OR
131975 Heartland Prowler  Portland, OR
$99 / Night
01996 Airstream Excella  Clackamas, OR
11996 Airstream Excella  Clackamas, OR
21996 Airstream Excella  Clackamas, OR
31996 Airstream Excella  Clackamas, OR
41996 Airstream Excella  Clackamas, OR
51996 Airstream Excella  Clackamas, OR
61996 Airstream Excella  Clackamas, OR
71996 Airstream Excella  Clackamas, OR
81996 Airstream Excella  Clackamas, OR
91996 Airstream Excella  Clackamas, OR
101996 Airstream Excella  Clackamas, OR
111996 Airstream Excella  Clackamas, OR
121996 Airstream Excella  Clackamas, OR
131996 Airstream Excella  Clackamas, OR
141996 Airstream Excella  Clackamas, OR
151996 Airstream Excella  Clackamas, OR
161996 Airstream Excella  Clackamas, OR
171996 Airstream Excella  Clackamas, OR
181996 Airstream Excella  Clackamas, OR
191996 Airstream Excella  Clackamas, OR
201996 Airstream Excella  Clackamas, OR
211996 Airstream Excella  Clackamas, OR
$119 / Night
02006 Jayco Talon  Clackamas, OR
12006 Jayco Talon  Clackamas, OR
22006 Jayco Talon  Clackamas, OR
32006 Jayco Talon  Clackamas, OR
42006 Jayco Talon  Clackamas, OR
52006 Jayco Talon  Clackamas, OR
62006 Jayco Talon  Clackamas, OR
72006 Jayco Talon  Clackamas, OR
82006 Jayco Talon  Clackamas, OR
$170 / Night
02002 Volkswagen Eurovan  Portland, OR
12002 Volkswagen Eurovan  Portland, OR
22002 Volkswagen Eurovan  Portland, OR
32002 Volkswagen Eurovan  Portland, OR
42002 Volkswagen Eurovan  Portland, OR
52002 Volkswagen Eurovan  Portland, OR
62002 Volkswagen Eurovan  Portland, OR
72002 Volkswagen Eurovan  Portland, OR
82002 Volkswagen Eurovan  Portland, OR
92002 Volkswagen Eurovan  Portland, OR
102002 Volkswagen Eurovan  Portland, OR
112002 Volkswagen Eurovan  Portland, OR
$170 / Night
0Sigourney II  Portland, OR
$140 / Night
02017 Keystone Springdale  Milwaukie, OR
12017 Keystone Springdale  Milwaukie, OR
22017 Keystone Springdale  Milwaukie, OR
$125 / Night
0Take you everywhere!  Cornelius, OR
1Take you everywhere!  Cornelius, OR
2Take you everywhere!  Cornelius, OR
3Take you everywhere!  Cornelius, OR
4Take you everywhere!  Cornelius, OR
5Take you everywhere!  Cornelius, OR
6Take you everywhere!  Cornelius, OR
7Take you everywhere!  Cornelius, OR
8Take you everywhere!  Cornelius, OR
9Take you everywhere!  Cornelius, OR
10Take you everywhere!  Cornelius, OR
11Take you everywhere!  Cornelius, OR
12Take you everywhere!  Cornelius, OR
13Take you everywhere!  Cornelius, OR
14Take you everywhere!  Cornelius, OR
15Take you everywhere!  Cornelius, OR
16Take you everywhere!  Cornelius, OR
17Take you everywhere!  Cornelius, OR
18Take you everywhere!  Cornelius, OR
$111 / Night
02015 Coachmen Clipper  Hillsboro, OR
12015 Coachmen Clipper  Hillsboro, OR
22015 Coachmen Clipper  Hillsboro, OR
32015 Coachmen Clipper  Hillsboro, OR
42015 Coachmen Clipper  Hillsboro, OR
52015 Coachmen Clipper  Hillsboro, OR
$225 / Night
02005 Coachmen Aurora  Portland, OR
12005 Coachmen Aurora  Portland, OR
22005 Coachmen Aurora  Portland, OR
32005 Coachmen Aurora  Portland, OR

Recent traveler reviews in Salem, OR

Pick up and drop off was quick and instructions thorough. Camper was well outfitted and everything worked well.
Andrew was a great host. Explained the ins and outs of the RV really well and made himself available for questions before and during our trip. Easy drop off.
Andrew Grimmer
2001 Coachmen Leprechaun
Immaculate shape. Very clean. Owner is great and easy to work with.
Eugene Kostromitin
2011 Forest River Forester
the rv was easy to drive. Eugene was very honest and personable. overall everything went well. I would rent from Eugene again.
Eugene Kostromitin
2011 Forest River Forester
Jason and Clayton were great to rent from. They answered my questions before and during the trip, had all the gear to secure the camper, and threw in a lot of options like a...
Jason and Clayton went out of their way to be helpful. We needed to pick up the camper outside their normal pickup time and they were able to accommodate us. The camper had...
Emily and Chris were great. We took their RV up and arrived undo the Olympic Peninsula. The RV was great, was very spacious and worked perfectly. I have already recommended it to...
User Avatar
Emily Levin
Emily was super responsive and made sure we had everything we needed. It is an older RV so it had some quirks but nothing crazy and Emily and her husband helped us manage which...
User Avatar
Emily Levin
Matt was great to work with, he went out of his way to make our trip as easy as possible!
The 'Majestic' was awesome! Absolutely perfect for our family of 5 to tour the entire Oregon coast for a week. It came equipped with everything you will need. Matt really...
Matt and the RV were fantastic! Matt was a great host and the RV had everything we needed. Even a cute little snack pack and personal items for the bathroom....... AND...
What a pleasure it was to meet Matt and his family. We had a wonderful vacation and the RV was perfect for our needs! We will rent again next time we're camping in the PNW.

Top 10 Hiking Trails for RVers

Hiking Trail City State
Wahkeena Falls Loop Trail Bridal Veil Oregon
Angels Rest Loop Trail Corbett Oregon
Oneonta Gorge Trail Bridal Veil Oregon
Latourell Falls Loop Trail Corbett Oregon
Ape Cave Trail Cougar Washington
Trail of Ten Falls Silverton Oregon
Multnomah Falls Trail Bridal Veil Oregon
Dog Mountain Trail Home Valley Washington
Eagle Creek Trail Cascade Locks Oregon
Tamolitch Blue Pool via McKenzie River Trail McKenzie Bridge Oregon

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