Luxury Mercedes RV - Winnebago View

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Wendy M.

5July 2021

Marlon was great with his instructions and the RV was nice and clean to ride and sleep in!!

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Sharon P.

4May 2021

Aaron T.

5April 2021

We had a great experience in this RV and we look forward to renting it again soon!

Doron M.

5January 2021

Awesome very responsive. Was able to deliver the car same day and was always available for any questions. As a first time RV traveler he made the whole experience great.

Christopher A.

5January 2021

Thee most satisfying first time experience renting an RV! Marlon is an A+ person in our book, very helpful and available when needed. Our trip was last minute due to personal family matters & it was a blessing to have found Marlon. Highly recommended. We are planning on our next booking with him. I can't say it enough, THANK YOU MARLON 🙏.

Bimal D.

5January 2021

We rented the Winnebago View for 5 nights in the Delaware Water Gap in late December. We had an amazing trip, and one that the kids will never forget. We’re RV “newbies”, so Marlon’s extensive knowledge and patience with our questions throughout the trip were very helpful. Specifically, camping in the winter, we encountered issues with the fresh water tank / pump freezing up on day 2 and 3 of our trip, but we got everything working with Marlon’s help. Based on our feedback, I think Marlon is already considering getting a tank heater. The RV is very well equipped and everything else worked perfectly! I highly recommend Marlon and his fleet of RVs if you’re looking to rent for a family trip.

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Diane D.

5November 2020

Had a great first experience renting and driving an RV from Marlon. He was available for questions, thorough in his explanation of the operation of the rig, and very personable as well. I would definitely rent from Marlon again.

Susan K.

5November 2020

Marln's RV was terrific. It was exactly what we needed for our family of 4 (2 parents, one 11 year old and one 8 year old) and our dog. It was roomy and clean and everything was in working order. We are first-timers, so the RV itself, was perfect for us in that it was 25 feet and drove extremely well and easily and it's easy to hook it up. Marlon is a pleasure to deal with...great energy and will to answer a few questions and 1 phone call we had while on the road. Bring DVD's and CD's to play (if you still have them) or downloaded music to dock. That's the only I think that could have enhanced our trip. It was really amazing...we went to the Finger Lakes and Niagara Falls. First timers roadtripping in the winter...beware...lots of RV parks in the Northeast close after Oct 15. We were luck to find 2 that were open. So plan your route first! (oh...and bring hangers!)

Barry W.

5October 2020

We were very happy with our rental. Marlon was very helpful and the rv was very nice. We had a good time. Thank you

Jim B.

5October 2020

First time renting an RV, Marlon was very thorough in explaining everything we needed to know as beginners. Whenever I had a question, I would text Marlon and he would get right back to me. I would definitely rent from Marlon again in the future.

Lucia C.

5October 2020

This is a great vehicle and Marlon Webb is a prince. My husband and I drove from New Jersey to Idaho with our teenage son--and back, without him. This was our first time in an RV. The View was a perfect size for three grown people. We each had our own bed, which was nice because RV "double" beds are tight for two adults. The View drives very well, and once you are used to taking wide turns and figuring out what is behind you with side mirrors and a backup camera, it is easy to drive. It is tall, so in the high winds of South Dakota we were a bit buffeted, but it's a very responsive and secure vehicle. It is in excellent shape, has plenty of storage, convenient systems, heats up and cools down easily, and is a lot of fun! Marlon and his equally charming cousin Shawn gave us a thorough introduction to the vehicle, but also told us that despite our eager concentration we wouldn't remember half of what they said when it came time to doing it ourselves--and that we should feel free to text or call them. Their words were prophetic, and indeed we were pinging them mercilessly in the first few days. They were responsive and seemingly unbothered by repeating instructions or pointing out obvious things that we could have Googled ourselves. Thus we felt supported and encouraged, as if by benevolent schoolteachers ;). The downside--something common to many newer RVs--is that it has a lot of "smart" systems that purport to detect and alert you to various problems. These systems are over-vigilant and gave us a bunch of dashboard alerts that proved to be harmless and went away again after we stopped for the night--or even for a coffee. Marlon was undaunted and had experience with these alerts going off and how to tell if they were important. One time we had to call a technician through Outdoorsy and he solved the problem for us on the spot (if the parking brake won't release, swivel the front chairs around and back again--who knew??). This was a three-week trip and nothing was ever actually wrong, we just had to get used to the RV being a bit of a diva. We would rent it again in a heartbeat, because overall it was very user-friendly, and Marlon is like the coolest Dad you'll ever have, expertly giving assurances and instructions in his smooth, level voice, being flexible and kind, and knowing a lot about RVs and vehicles in general. Being our first time in an RV, we learned a lot, and I will pass along to you my wisdom: bring sheets, towels, pots, pans, dishes, dishtowels, a cutting board, plenty of stuff with which to wipe down and sweep up (though we did leave you a little handbroom ;)), air freshener, matches/lighter, slender water bottles for the ungenerous cup holders, and coolers (the fridge only runs when you're plugged in). If you like to stay in beautiful, natural campsites, punctuate those every couple of days with a full-hookup site. Go for it and have a great time!!

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Laura J.

5September 2020

Great experience renting from Marlon. Vehicle was as described and in good shape. No issues during our weeklong trip.

Fateisha M.

5September 2020

First time camping experience ever! Marlon explained everything we needed to know in such detail, that any layman would understand. His professionalism greatly appreciated. The customer service given was exceptional, as was the response time for the minor inquires (only two) that we encountered. Marlon was very accommodating regarding a minor unexpected mechanical issue. I was referred to Gentlemen’s Fleet and would whole-heartedly refer anyone and everyone to book with them.

Mark B.

5August 2020

We had a few concerns about mechanical notifications from the RV, Marlon was very quick to investigate and communicate and made us very comfortable with the remainder of our trip!