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Information About Philadelphia, PA

Philadelphia is an iconic city, and the largest in Pennsylvania. It is one of historical importance, primarily due to its instrumental role in the American Revolution. Historians will rejoice; heritage steeps from every facet of the city, from its architecture to its tourist attractions.The Benjamin Franklin museum is one of these attractions, and is a deserved legacy to the cities founding father himself. For those who like to dedicate serious time to dining out, Philly is the place to be. The Philly Cheesesteak came to life in this city, and is a world renowned culinary masterpiece; well we think so anyway. Cheesesteaks aside, the mix of cafes and restaurants is very vibrant and foodies will be in heaven. In Philadelphia, we find a city that has just about everything, so it is time to round up the troupes, rent an RV and explore the gem of Ohio.

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