Philadelphia, PA RV Rentals and Motorhome Rentals

$199 / Night
02008 Dutchmen Dutchmen  Butler, NJ
12008 Dutchmen Dutchmen  Butler, NJ
22008 Dutchmen Dutchmen  Butler, NJ
32008 Dutchmen Dutchmen  Butler, NJ
42008 Dutchmen Dutchmen  Butler, NJ
52008 Dutchmen Dutchmen  Butler, NJ
62008 Dutchmen Dutchmen  Butler, NJ
72008 Dutchmen Dutchmen  Butler, NJ
82008 Dutchmen Dutchmen  Butler, NJ
92008 Dutchmen Dutchmen  Butler, NJ
102008 Dutchmen Dutchmen  Butler, NJ
112008 Dutchmen Dutchmen  Butler, NJ
122008 Dutchmen Dutchmen  Butler, NJ
132008 Dutchmen Dutchmen  Butler, NJ
142008 Dutchmen Dutchmen  Butler, NJ
152008 Dutchmen Dutchmen  Butler, NJ
$155 / Night
02015 Keystone Bullet  West Babylon, NY
12015 Keystone Bullet  West Babylon, NY
22015 Keystone Bullet  West Babylon, NY
$110 / Night
02017 Coachmen Catalina  Dover, PA
12017 Coachmen Catalina  Dover, PA
22017 Coachmen Catalina  Dover, PA
32017 Coachmen Catalina  Dover, PA
$169 / Night
02010 Dodge Caravan  Queens, NY
12010 Dodge Caravan  Queens, NY
22010 Dodge Caravan  Queens, NY
32010 Dodge Caravan  Queens, NY
42010 Dodge Caravan  Queens, NY
52010 Dodge Caravan  Queens, NY
62010 Dodge Caravan  Queens, NY
72010 Dodge Caravan  Queens, NY
82010 Dodge Caravan  Queens, NY
$170 / Night
0Springdale  Stroudsburg, PA
1Springdale  Stroudsburg, PA
2Springdale  Stroudsburg, PA
3Springdale  Stroudsburg, PA
4Springdale  Stroudsburg, PA
5Springdale  Stroudsburg, PA
$150 / Night
0Free Miles 2015 Jayco Redhawk  York, PA
1Free Miles 2015 Jayco Redhawk  York, PA
2Free Miles 2015 Jayco Redhawk  York, PA
3Free Miles 2015 Jayco Redhawk  York, PA
4Free Miles 2015 Jayco Redhawk  York, PA
5Free Miles 2015 Jayco Redhawk  York, PA
6Free Miles 2015 Jayco Redhawk  York, PA
7Free Miles 2015 Jayco Redhawk  York, PA
8Free Miles 2015 Jayco Redhawk  York, PA
9Free Miles 2015 Jayco Redhawk  York, PA
10Free Miles 2015 Jayco Redhawk  York, PA
$122 / Night
01999 Jayco Designer  Baltimore, MD
$125 / Night
0Coachman Apex PA-2  Harrisburg, PA
1Coachman Apex PA-2  Harrisburg, PA
2Coachman Apex PA-2  Harrisburg, PA
3Coachman Apex PA-2  Harrisburg, PA
4Coachman Apex PA-2  Harrisburg, PA
5Coachman Apex PA-2  Harrisburg, PA
6Coachman Apex PA-2  Harrisburg, PA
$100 / Night
02002 Keystone Outback  Baltimore, MD
12002 Keystone Outback  Baltimore, MD
22002 Keystone Outback  Baltimore, MD
$140 / Night
02017 Starcraft Ar-One  Harrisburg, PA
12017 Starcraft Ar-One  Harrisburg, PA
22017 Starcraft Ar-One  Harrisburg, PA
32017 Starcraft Ar-One  Harrisburg, PA
42017 Starcraft Ar-One  Harrisburg, PA
52017 Starcraft Ar-One  Harrisburg, PA
62017 Starcraft Ar-One  Harrisburg, PA
72017 Starcraft Ar-One  Harrisburg, PA

Recent traveler reviews in Philadelphia, PA

Matt was awesome to deal with, especially given the time frame we were working with! The coach was amazing with all the comforts of home, including home made artwork from the...
Matt Smedley
Not sure where to start with what an incredible experience we had with Matt. We decided to take my brother on a last wish trip as he is in final stages of a cancer battle. So, we...
Matt Smedley
Matt and his wife, Shayla are natural hosts. Their RV was pristine and really felt like home inside. They were incredibly helpful in orienting us to the vehicle and went out of...
Matt Smedley
We had a wonderful time in Matt and shayla's rv. It's was easy to drive due to its size and very comfortable to sleep in. It was surprisingly roomy and met the needs of our...
Matt Smedley
We rented for Penn State Blue White weekend. The RV was easy to drive, accommodating and very clean. The RV had lots of storage both in the RV and under the RV. Charles was...
Charles Dilger
2009 Coachmen Prism
5 stars - wonderful experience from start to finish. Thanks Charles!
Charles Dilger
2009 Coachmen Prism
Nice and clean RV. Well maintained and treated professionally. I would recommend renting with Charles.
Charles Dilger
2009 Coachmen Prism
RV was clean. Walk through was great but the problem was that I was told I would get the RV between 5 and 6. I assumed that I rented this for Friday! I did not get the RV till...
Charles Dilger
2009 Coachmen Prism
This is a 2004 coach, some systems and finishes are showing a little age, the owner is bringing it back to full glory, and could not be a nicer guy, but if you need the newest,...
For an older camper the Sunline is in very good condition. The inside was very clean and air conditioning made for comfortable sleeping
Thomas and Julie were very helpful and very accommodating, which made our RV renting experience a huge success. The owners provided first aid kits, sheets, blankets, pillows,...
Thomas Richmond
2008 Damon Outlaw
Richard was a pleasure to do business with and happy to answer all my questions no matter what! Can't wait to rent from him again. Thanks for a great weekend!!

Information About Philadelphia, PA

Philadelphia is an iconic city, and the largest in Pennsylvania. It is one of historical importance, primarily due to its instrumental role in the American Revolution. Historians will rejoice; heritage steeps from every facet of the city, from its architecture to its tourist attractions.The Benjamin Franklin museum is one of these attractions, and is a deserved legacy to the cities founding father himself. For those who like to dedicate serious time to dining out, Philly is the place to be. The Philly Cheesesteak came to life in this city, and is a world renowned culinary masterpiece; well we think so anyway. Cheesesteaks aside, the mix of cafes and restaurants is very vibrant and foodies will be in heaven. In Philadelphia, we find a city that has just about everything, so it is time to round up the troupes, rent an RV and explore the gem of Ohio.

Top 10 Hiking Trails for RVers

Hiking Trail City State
Cascade Falls and Rootball Loop Trail [CLOSED] Elkridge Maryland
Avalon Loop Trail Baltimore Maryland
Wissahickon Creek Gorge Loop Trail Philadelphia Pennsylvania
Mount Tammany - Red Dot and Blue Dot Loop Trail Columbia New Jersey
Ramapo Park and Cannonball Trail Oakland New Jersey
The Pinnacle Trail Loop Hamburg Pennsylvania
Pyramid Mountain Loop Trail Boonton New Jersey
Glen Onoko Falls Trail Jim Thorpe Pennsylvania
White Shore Trail Alpine New Jersey
Stairway to Heaven Trail Vernon New Jersey