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Laurel M.

5July 2021

Great experience and amazing road trip. This vehicle is cozy and has all the basics that you need for a great outdoors experience. Kevin and Alisa were very responsive to questions and quickly resolved the few issues we had. Highly recommended!

Michael W.

5July 2021

Everything was great! The vehicle is super well equipped and capable!

Timothy W.

5June 2021

Kevin L.

5June 2021

Fun time, perfect vehicle.

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Nancy D.

5May 2021

Wonderful trip to Sedona in the Expedition. Dispersed camped on Schnebly Rd then reservations/walk-in camping at Pine Flat and Cave Springs. Easy to drive, plenty of extras available that we didn’t have to bring/buy. Comfortable bed and warm linens. Electric fridge saved us from the cooler daily ice runs. Kevin answered all my questions quickly.

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Stephen M.

5April 2021

I rented this Ford Expedition for an entire week while exploring northern Arizona with my girlfriend. As a truck that’s been converted into a camper, it was nicer than some Airbnb’s I’ve stayed at. We camped along random forest roads in flagstaff, Sedona, and near the Grand Canyon. It was truly a 5 star experience, especially with the memory foam mattress and fridge that made camping feel like a luxury.

James W.

5April 2021

Every bit of the experience renting this vehicle was positive and accurate. Communication from the owners was clear, prompt and complete. Kevin and Alisa were responsive to our evolving plans and were accommodating to our requests. We rented the vehicle for 8 nights and could have happily and comfortably traveled and explored northern Arizona and southern Utah for much longer. The setup inside Bluebird is very well coordinated and designed. The mattress is very comfortable...we hiked some strenuous trails and bagged a lot of miles and we never woke up sore or tired. Overall the experience was 5 out of 5 stars.

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Karl R.

5April 2021

Absolute 5 stars!!! Car was well stocked and clean for our adventures. Owners were very responsive with our questions and knowledge of the area. We followed their recommendations for places to visit and we were not disappointed. We loved our visit to Az.

Gretchen A.

5June 2020

The Expedition is perfect for seeing some sights in comfort. Everything needed for a perfect getaway is right there within reach and the mattress is super comfy. Kevin and Alisa are terrific and very quick to respond when I had any questions. You can't go wrong with this deal!

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Nicole O.

5June 2020

Kevin and Alisa were wonderful. Communication was great and we had a wonderful night's sleep. We are local, but you could easily fly in and ride off with this rig. Bring clothes and food, the rest is already there!

Janna W.

5October 2019

Great 👍 we had an awesome time

Yvette E.

5October 2019

We had a great time renting this vehicle! Communication was great, pick up easy (location is within easy walk of the Metro), and we enjoyed camping on campsites and also wild camping I’m permitted areas. We had everything we needed in the van, the mattress was comfortable and the covers warm when we needed it as we were in AZ in early fall and nights at altitude got a bit cold. Would hugely recommend this van, and would happily rent again!

Soo L.

5October 2019

Everything we needed for exploring! Kevin was absolutely fantastic with communication and his recommendations were top notch. The video about the car really helped and they were very thorough about everything. The ac and fridge were a blessing while exploring hot Arizona weather.

Georg F.

5July 2019

Great communication from day 1 until after the rental. Car is reliable and with a lot of nice features, especially the fridge is great! Recommended :)

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Joe C.

5June 2019

Kevin's van provided for the ultimate Arizona camping experience! He literally has planned for every contingency and the air conditioning kept us cool throughout our travels. I would not hesitate to recommend renting this vehicle to anyone looking for a great travel experience!

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Russell t.

5June 2019

Much more comfortable for sleeping 2 than expected. Easy to drive on and off-road.

Nathalie M.

5June 2019

Just came back from an amazing outdoor adventure in AZ and it's mostly due to this ''CamperSUV''. It takes you anywhere you want, especially in the backcountry. It's fully equiped, very well think, runs like a charm and and the bed is almost as confortable as our own bed. We felt like home right away. Kevin is very helpfull for everything and answer to all question very quickly. Honestly, we counld ask more and would definitively rent it again if we come back to AZ.

Tim H.

5June 2019

We had a great experience with Kevins car! It took us up to Yosemite and we loved it because we could go off-road with it! We never had problems with it. Kevin was always reachable via phone and text messages. I would always book this car again for my next adventure!

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Erica Z.

5April 2019

Kevin's Expedition is AWESOME! Everything that you need is included in the truck and the bed is comfortable. His availability for questions before and during the trip was great. I will definitely be renting again next year for the same trip.

Brian D.

5April 2019

We had a wonderful time camping with this rig. What was also great was that we could pick up the vehicle after a short walk from the public transportation system.

Adam B.

5March 2019

Awesome rig for a long weekend of camping. Has everything you need just have to bring your clothes and gear for whatever your activities. Highly recommend to anyone headed out camping in the surrounding area.

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Mark D.

5March 2019

Honestly couldn't have asked for anything more from Kevin or his rig. The vehicle has everything you need to go exploring/camping and it made our trip easier and more enjoyable than we ever could have imagined.

Brandon C.

5March 2019

LOVED this rig and everything that was included! Was a steal for the price! Kevin was always available to answer questions. Check-out and check-in were a breeze. This was just an incredibly smooth and perfect experience! Will absolutely contact Kevin first whenever I'm back in Arizona!

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Gerald m.

5March 2019

Great rig! No need for ice because the refrigerator is right there. 4WD if needed. Great value. Had it for two weeks, loved it!

Linn W.

5February 2019

Amazing!! Kevin was so welcoming and informative about the vehicle. It was easy to drive (first time I’ve driven such a large vehicle in the US) and everything was easy to figure out. The car came with everything necessary so you can park anywhere and have everything you need to make dinner or just sit and watch the stars!
And it was so comfortable - plenty of space to sit and lounge around in. Bed is very comfy!

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Cheryl J.

5January 2019

The Expedition was great! The 4 wheel drive gave me the versatility to go further into the desert to camp. Kevin was very easy to communicate with and accommodating.😊👍🌵

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Astrid P.

5January 2019

Everything was perfect! I would highly recommend renting this campervan for your trip. Kevin is such a great guy, the communication was great from the beginning until the end. The car has everything you need and it just all fits like a glove. It is a great drive, you can park and sleep anywhere which gives you all the freedom in the world to go on an adventure. Thanks for everything Kevin and Alisa!

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Allan M.

5November 2018

We had a fantastic time renting Kevin's truck. The check in and out process was seamless. The storage solutions were all very well thought out and had all the necessities needed incase you forgot anything yourself. The truck handled well on the highway and off, we appreciated the 4 wheel drive and updated bluetooth headunit. By far the best thing was the memory foam bed and warm heavy blankets which made even the cold weather enjoyable. All in all I would rent it again and am really impressed with the thoughtfulness of the build quality.

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Nikki L.

4November 2018

The vehicle suited our purposes pretty well. A couple things that could have made the trip better: Apparently the fridge caused some problems with the vehicle before our trip, so when we picked up the SUV we were surprised to find a standard cooler in the vehicle which needed ice. We weren't told about this prior to the trip, and getting/maintaining ice ended up being a bit of a drag. We had to throw out some of our food that got infiltrated with water from the ice melting. We were also bummed to find nothing to drink out of but plastic solo cups. Putting hot coffee in a plastic party cup isn't the greatest idea, and we thought it would have been easy to throw a couple of tin mugs in one of the bins. Finally, some curtains or hooks to hang something over the windows would have been great. We felt pretty exposed not being able to cover the windows at night or in the morning. Otherwise, we still had a great time. It was nice being able to be mobile and have all of your things with you.

Krista H.

5November 2018

Thanks so much for this amazing rental. It was perfect for a back roads outdoor adventure.
Kevin was excellent with recommendations and communication when needed.

Katie M.

5October 2018

This is the perfect pick up and go adventure vehicle!!! It ran great, was clean and very comfortable!!! We already decided we would rent it again in a heart beat when coming back this way!

Yvonne M.

5October 2018

This was perfect for my husband and I to visit my son and daughter-n- law for a few days. It allowed us the freedom to camp without the hassle of setting up and tearing down, while saving us the cost of a rental car. My husband was initially hesitant, but ended up totally loving it!

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Felicia J.

5October 2018

Planning our next trip. This truck was perfect, absolutely perfect. Kevin made it so easy to use this truck. Wish I had taken pictures.

Julie R.

5October 2018

We had the most amazing adventure with Kevin’s Expedition!! Everything was super organized, easy set up, and we could park anywhere for the night. This vehicle is 4 wheel drive, so it made our stay on the beach of Lake Powell a breeze. Everywhere we went our camping neighbors commented on the roll out bed and equipment. I would rent this vehicle again and again. Kevin was also super helpful in any of our planning questions. Amazing trip and experience!!

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Leah I.

5October 2018

Phenomenal experience!! Absolutely loved this rental!! It has everything you need to enjoy a week off the grid. Easy to drive and navigate, especially with the the smart phone connection. My boyfriend and I rented this for our road trip to Sedona, Page and the South Rim of the Grand Canyon. I would highly recommend this vehicle to anyone looking to experience AZ as it was meant to be seen - on the road!

Cameron E.

5September 2018

Had a great trip to the Grand Canyon in Kevin's converted expedition! Kevin was an incredible communicator. Always quick to respond, and always friendly. He helped us out when we came across a hiccup or two on our journey as well. The car does have a few quirks since it's not exactly brand new, but Kevin explained them all to us before we got on the road, so we didn't have a worry or concern about them, and we knew how to manage them. The vehicle comes packed with lots of extras which made our camping trip smooth and enjoyable. Recommend Kevin and his vehicle to all! :D

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Nicholas H.

5August 2018

Amazing experience! This vehicle handled everything we threw at it - long desert drives, rocky offroading to campsites, and it was great for sleeping a couple both inside and outside!

Eamonn J.

5August 2018

From the beginning, Kevin was an incredible communicator. All his messages were friendly, helpful, and positive. He recommended places to visit that I had never even heard of (my son and I had a blast at Tonto Natural Bridge), and responded immediately any time I had a question or comment. Kevin met us in person to make sure we had everything we needed. The vehicle itself was exactly as described, and had everything we needed to set up camp and enjoy the outdoors. To our surprise, the bed was super comfortable too! It took a day or so to get used to driving around the Arizona mountains and winding roads, but the vehicle holds its own very well. We had a fantastic trip. I would rent it again.

Brandon O.

5May 2018

The whole experience was great. Kevin was super quick to answer questions and was extremely helpful with getting us the vehicle on our weird schedule. He put together a video so we could pick up the vehicle late on a Saturday night so we could start our trip early. The vehicle was great. It has a few little quirks, but Kevin was very up front with them. We drove this thing like crazy. We took it down long dirt roads, put tons of miles on it, and it ran great. The only thing I mentioned to Kevin: We put towels in the windows to block out the light when sleeping. If he could find a solution to that problem, this thing would be perfect. We really enjoyed the flexibility of just pulling over wherever we wanted and sleeping. The stove, the table, the chairs, everything worked great. Thanks!

Chris H.

5April 2018

Exactly as advertised, and an owner who goes way out of the way to make a rental work. Can't recommend the truck enough. Bed is excellent, and the rig is supplied with everything you could ever need.