Thor Motor Coach A.C.E 29.2

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Nathan W.

3.5March 2021

The pictures of the RV were somewhat misleading, they were likely taken when the unit was new, but the actual condition of the RV was not great, it was pretty beat up and had a tired, worn out feel to it.

David H.

0.5June 2020

If I could, I would give Elite Rentals zero stars. They should be ashamed of their business practices! First off, we were told to pick up our RV on May 16th at 3pm. When we arrived, we noticed one of the units was being worked on, of course it was the RV we were supposed to pick up. The generator was broken and needed to be replaced; no one called us to tell us to come later since the unit was not ready for pick up. We live 30 minutes away, and we had both kids with us. After waiting over an hour for them to finish, it turns out the circuit breaker is also broken and they need to take one from another RV to put in our unit, otherwise nothing inside will work.... At 4:45pm, we were finally able to drive the RV home. Upon first inspection, the unit did not look AT ALL like the pictures posted on the website: the RV is old, extremely dirty, with broken drawers and cabinet doors. The pictures on the website advertised a fairly new and clean unit, with shiny cabinets and a nice leather couch and banquette. It is ABSOLUTELY false advertising! I expect the RV to look like the pictures I am viewing online! That was just the beginning. Here is a list of all the items that are damaged or just not working at all on the advertised Thor A.C.E. 29ft RV:
1. the left headlight blinks on and off constantly, like sending MORSE code messages. It obviously has a short in it.
2.there are 2 HUGE cracks in the front windshield. When we asked why they weren't fixed, were told it's a huge expense and they wait until it completely falls apart to replace. GREAT.
3.the front window curtains are SHREDDED. Like a cat got to them and destroyed them.
4. the unit stereo/radio does not work at all.
5.all of the cupholders have fallen apart and are unusable.
6. 4 out of the 6 air vents are broken and don't put out air. netting over the passenger side is completely torn/collapsed and cannot be used.
8. armrest on passenger seat is broken.
9.wood paneling on the slide out is detached and hanging.
10.both backs of drivers and passengers seats are scratched and damaged.
11.leather on the seat of passenger seat is falling apart.
12. retractable overhead bed will not retract, must be pushed by hand. Left side piston is completely broken.
13. there are supposed to be TWO seatbelt holders above the bed to help keep retractable bed from falling down. There is only ONE seatbelt, so you run the risk of the bed collapsing on your head while you are driving, since the piston is broken and nothing is holding the bed in place. The magnets that are supposed to hold the bed in place are not working.
14.In kitchen area, all the drawers open while you are driving.
15. the gas gauge does not work. Makes for fun traveling, guessing whether you have gas or not.
16. the outside cabin door sticks, you need to literally kick it to get out.
17. the outside door is missing the latch that attaches it to the unit, so the door keeps slamming if it's windy outside.
18. the shower door is completely off the tracks and will not close all the way.
19. the drawer underneath the refrigerator is held together by duct tape.
20. the rear of the slide out wall is kept together by a huge amount of duct tape.
21. both bedroom doors continuously fall off the track while you drive and have to be re-tracked. Both doors are also extremely scratched and dented.
22. the air vent cover for above the kitchen was found under the sink cabinet, BROKEN.
23. the dome over the bathroom is completely shattered.
24. the inside panels of both closets in the bedroom are collapsed and you can see fiberglass and sunlight.
25. once again, I CANNOT STRESS ENOUGH how dirty the unit was. I spilled some water and used a paper towel to clean it, it was black with dirt. I personally cleaned the unit from top to bottom, including mopping the floors with detergent/cleaner, before returning it.
26. the sleeping jackknife couch's pillows are completely collapsed and it has a metal bar running through it. It was absolutely impossible to sleep on, which meant my husband, myself and our younger son had to sleep in the FULL size bed in the bedroom.
27. the RV drives horribly. The shocks are obviously completely shot, it weaves all over the road and is super hard to keep straight on the road.
28. the unit does not have stabilizers, therefore even when you are stopped, if you are moving around at all, it completely sways and shakes. Not the best thing for a kid who suffers greatly from motion sickness.

Jeremy L.

1September 2018

1. RV was in bad shape. It was clear it had been poorly maintained. For what I spent, I expected a nice RV that was in good shape. The thing rattled like it was about to fall apart. The window screens and cabinet doors were messed up, the TV in bedroom didn't work, the shower drape was messed up, the Generator hardly worked during the rental and actually stopped working completely during the last 48 hours while it was 100+ degrees out. I could go on and on.
2. Bogus over mileage charge. I was clear in my reservation where I was traveling to. I was quoted a price for this trip and the included dates. When I returned the RV, I never received my security deposit back. After asking about it a several times, a mileage charge that was equal to my security deposit magically appeared on a bill that was sent to me. How ironic.