2003 Crossroads Family Cruiser

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Julie M.

1May 2021

It was a terrible experience. The camper was filthy. Before using, I had to spend 3 hrs cleaning it. When I asked the owner Thomas how to open the canopy he sent a You Tube video that was not for this camper. Shortly after I arrived he informed me the camper was probably low on propane (which it was) he said just go buy another one and he would deduct it. I was with 4 other camping couples all of the men spent most of Friday evening helping me try to get my camper functioning. I specifically asked if the camper had a coffee pot. I was told it has everything I would need for camping for the weekend. When I got there, there was a Keurig. (That’s not a coffee pot) Thomas asked how many people would be staying in the camper? He needed to know so he could bring enough sheets. When I got there there was only 1 bed with sheets. However there were several rusty nails left on the chairs. (Glad my daughter saw that before sitting on them)
The only thing I did not clean was the rodent feces invested stove. (I chose not to use that) I left the frozen stuff i found in the freezer there. If you would like more information you can call me at 504-430-1434. As a consumer, I hope you take the feed back I have given to you seriously.

Brandi’s answer

There was a propane tank already in the camper if it ran low you just needed to refill it. You stated you were an experienced camper and did not even show up for the key exchange in the beginning. I told you I had a delivery driver that I was hiring from across the lake . The YouTube video for the awning is standard for manual awnings. There could have not possibly been nails on a chair. Possibly one of the people that were helping out had them in their pocket and set them down . You were not there. All of the sofas chairs and carpet was just shampooed 3 days before your pickup.
The sheets for the other bed besides the master bedroom were in the cabinet over head. It was a maroon full sheet set with two matching pillow cases . With the extensive cleaning you claim that you did you probably should have noticed that. I did not know if your daughter wanted to sleep on the sofa that converted to a bed or the kitchen table that converted to a bed so I did not make that bed up for you.
You also mentioned in some of the personal messages to me that it was outdated. I keep the original television that has the capability to hook up to any HDMI device also left a Nintendo U underneath. The larger TV fits in the TV space and keeps it from falling and breaking. There is also DVDs and a DVD player. The radio has Bluetooth capability as well and has been updated. It was not a five star hotel.
There was 1 microwave meal in the freezer. The freezer is continuously on at my home and remained on for the 15-minute drive from my house to your destination. I am not sure how that could fries into the freezer but you are welcome to send me photos.
A Keurig is considered a single serve coffee machine. I clearly stated that in the camper description and even describe the type of PODS I provided.
I don't think you were happy with yourself how could you be happy with anything else. Because you are unhappy you purposely left the ceiling vent open and left the camper without exchanging again. It rained heavily most of that morning. Everything you have mentioned is extremely exaggerated so it's hard to believe anything. There is a frozen meal, a single frozen meal I left just in case someone needed a snack but this turned into a freezer full. There was a full propane tank and if you happen to run out you were asked to refill it. Somehow there is two full propane tanks in the camper now. It seems you are just ready to jump to conclusions and point fingers and have something to be angry about when it has nothing to do with me or the camper.
No matter what your feelings were towards the "outdated" 5th wheel you should never purposely allowed damage to happen to someone else's belongings. I hope that the people around you found some Joy. I bet they were wondering why they had to install an additional propane tank and wish they could have enjoyed the park and their family instead of dealing with your issues.
You stated you were experienced in recreational vehicles so I'm not sure why you needed two tanks when you could have easily switched from one tank to another. If you would have been at exchange I would definitely explained any of this to you. The above was publicly posted so I'm just letting you know that your phone number is on the internet. But it looks like you didn't read that part either.

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