Dream Machine - Full Camper - Manual

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Max S.

5July 2021

Roman V.

5July 2021

We had a great time in Ryan’s cool and 1980s retro Westfalia traveling to the Oregon coast. The ride is smooth and comfortable. My daughter would sit in the back and use the table to draw and craft without ever getting carsick. Be sure you can drive stick if you rent this van. I did like the ability to downshift on going down steep hills and climbing up mountains was never a problem. Ryan has put great attention to detail providing all the necessary things you’ll need for your trip. We especially liked being able to park just about anywhere, chill out comfortably and eat snacks in our Westfalia living room. Ryan was very helpful, accommodating and easy to work with. Thank you Ryan!

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Gregory H.

5September 2020

Ryan has a very clean and nice Westy for your Oregon vacation. We enjoyed taking it to the coast right as the Oregon fires hit that area in Sept 2020. That was unfortunate timing but we found a nice campground at Cannon Beach and made the best of the smoke filled air. We enjoyed the local beaches and Ecola State Park. We also appreciated the State Park pass that comes with the van.

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Craig U.

5September 2020

We had a wonderful trip with Ryan's vanagon. Ryan was very helpful, went out of his way to accommodate our needs and desires, was very quick to respond to questions and a pure joy to deal with. I definitely would rent from him again. The van was ideal for our needs. We toured the Olympic Peninsula in Washington for a week - and camping this way was so easy - the simplicity of having a stove built in was perfect. The van performed great - not one issue.

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Wesley B.

5October 2019

If you're reading reviews contemplating doing something like this for the first time, I highly encourage you to take a chance and book a trip in the vehicle. My wife and I booked with Ryan during the rainiest, coldest week in October and we still enjoyed every moment of this experience. 90% of what you need to camp is already in the van and there are thousands of beautiful destinations in Oregon you can easily explore. The van drives great and is very comfortable, just make sure you can drive drive a manual and are ready to have a great time.

Jeff R.

5September 2019

Ryan was great! He was very timely and helpful with communication and made sure we had everything we needed for our trip. The bus ran really well! It handled well on the curvy roads to/from the coast and it climbed over the Cascades and up/down Crater Lake and handled fine in the winds of the high desert country. The defroster blower wasn't working, which forced us to wipe down the inside of the windshield with paper towels in order to see in cold/wet weather, and the front brakes didn't perform very well. But Ryan was very receptive to this feedback and I'm sure he will take care of those issues. Rent the Dream Machine and hit the road for a great time!

Erin C.

5September 2019

Ryan was so great to work with - very relaxed, yet thoroughly explained how everything worked. My phone died the day we left and he was super patient and understanding with the communication difficulties that presented during our trip. The Dream Machine worked like a dream - very reliable and comfy. We had everything we needed and Ryan was super hospitable. Five stars from me and my 6 yo!

Marchal B.

5August 2019

Great trip in the Dream Machine. We had an amazing time in Oregon and Washington State. The van works really well, was super clean and comfortable. Ryan is a great guy who did every thing to make our trip great. Super nice and flexible!

Maura K.

5August 2019

It was an awesome trip!

Jeff S.

5July 2019

We had an excellent time renting Ryan’s Vanagon Westfalia for a tour of Oregon! The pop-top provides unmatched views out the screened in tent for camping, or even just for a relaxing lunch. The expansive windows and excellent driving position allow for an immersive experience driving through Oregon’s excellent state parks and public highways. Would absolutely rent this vehicle again!

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Amy L.

4July 2019

The van was great and is in very good shape. New tires and rims made it feel secure on all roads. We had a great time and now want to buy our own!

Kate N.

5July 2019

Thank you!

Craig S.

5June 2019

Communication was great and Ryan was conscientious about making sure that we had what we needed (sheets, towels, etc) for our trip. The Westie was a lot of fun. Fans of old VWs who like driving a stick and aren’t bothered by a few quirks and imperfections that come with a 30 year old vehicle will enjoy this rental. Having a 45 year old VW myself, I felt right at home in the Dream Machine. Being a more modern Vanagon-based Westie, it drove well and had plenty of power.

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Nathan W.

5June 2019

What a weekend!! Absolutely fell in love with this bus. Clean, functional, and insanely smooth driving....unreal how smooth it drove. It was hard to say goodbye, but hopefully I’ll be back soon! Thanks Ryan!!

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Asha B.

5May 2019

Had a great time in this van, only wish we had been able to keep it longer! Ran well, comfortable, and good communication from Ryan.

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Brittany S.

5April 2019

Ryan was extremely responsive, helpful, and made the entire trip a wonderful experience! The Dream Machine was perfect for our road trip - down the coast, through Willamette Valley wine country and national forest, navigating the Mt. Hood area, and winding through the Columbia River Gorge. The van was easy to drive, organized, and perfect for two travelers for the week. We would highly recommend the Dream Machine for your next road trip!

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Mitch P.

5March 2019

Such an awesome experience, and Ryan was great to work with. The van was in great shape, and had just about everything you need for a great weekend getaway. I would highly recommend renting the Dream Machine!

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Chantelle J.

5October 2018

The Dream Machine was a really great choice! Ryan was amazing to communicate with and made sure we were well equipped for our Oregon adventure! He is perfectly situated in Northern Portland, super easy to get onto the I5 and start your trip. The Dream Machine was really smooth to drive, managed to keep up on the highway and easily handled the slow gravel roads while hot spring hunting!

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Rolando C.

5September 2018

Dealing with Ryan was great. He was very quick to respond to all our questions and was available for communicating during our trip. The van was the perfect size for us (couple) and our luggage (2 carry-ons and 2 small backpacks). Ryan provided us with everything needed; blankets, towels, utensils, pots/pans, plates, speaker, cooler, Park passes, etc Overall a great experience, a nice van and an amazing State to visit!!!

Brian B.

5July 2018

Being a Vanagon owner myself, I felt right at home. Everything well maintained and clean. Ryan kept the van stocked with all the essentials and some extra to lead to a stress free adventure. I wish Ryan and his new family only the best!

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Rocco G.

5June 2018

Ryan was quick to respond to any questions, easy to work with and the van was great! Clean and exactly as described! I would definitely recommend Ryan and the van!

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Jonathan H.

5June 2018

Ryan was a pleasure to deal with, and the vehicle was a pleasure to travel with. The van has so many great details to make your trip enjoyable, and it felt great to be in it out on the open road. Ryan was easy to contact, easy to communicate, extremely flexible and friendly...overall a fantastic experience. Highly recommend!

Susie E.

5May 2018

Ryan is a great guy and so helpful with any questions I had with the Westfalia. It had been a while since driving a manual but he got in and rode around the block with me so I could ask any questions and he could give feedback on how the car would respond. I found this super helpful! My trip was amazing,going to central Oregon and staying around the Three pools area the Westfalia did great and had no problems on gravel roads. The Westfalia had everything I forgot at home like folding camp chairs, matches and even coozies to keep beers cold. He thought of everything when he stocked the van with amenities of home. I can not wait to rent from Ryan again, already looking to plan my next trip!

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