2019 Jayco Jay Feather 24 foot trailer with king bed

4 reviews


Cady M.

April 20214

Renters were very friendly and left great Instructions and details for success! The have all the information necessary to successfully camp for two weeks. We did have a few problems. If you’re camping with animals the AC is not very good so I wouldn’t recommend for animals to stay in the dead of summer if more than 75 degrees. The generator was very finicky turning off and on before consistently working. Also the heater was not always igniting the propane even after it was turned on. It was very frustrating for the cooler nights because it wasn’t reliable to turn on (& we even tried swapping over the propane to the other tank).. also this is of not fault of the renters but the front jack blows fuses insanely easily if pushed to far up or down (we went through 8 fuses in 14 days.

Marci ’s answer

These were wonderful renters but I do want to clear up a couple things. The AC was just tested at GANDER RV and it is perfectly cold; it’s just the nature of RVs that they are not well insulated like a house and this is true for the heating also, again it tested perfectly. As for the generators; when you first start them they are cold just like any gas engine and they will sputter for a minute or so but again we just fired them up and they are working flawlessly. The front motorized Jack has a fuse that will blow to protect the electrical system on the trailer. These renters have a lower truck and they borrowed our hitch so the limiter on the hitch would blow because the limits were reached. That is what it is suppose to do for protection. Most of these units work this way as this is a very new trailer. These renters were very nice but very inexperienced with RVS. I tell people not to expect perfection as it is, after all, a house on wheels and as any experienced RV owner/operator knows, they are finicky. They were nice people and it was nice getting to know them. I wish them the best.

Carolyn C.

January 20215

Marci was amazing to work with. Very accommodating and the trailer was super nice!

Marci ’s answer

Carolyn was wonderful and I hope I get to rent to her again sometime!!! 😀

Rick R.

December 20205

Marci was a great host. The trailer was stocked with everything we needed. We ran into an issue with the RV heater and reached out to Marci. She acted quickly and had someone out there to fix it immediately. I would rent from Marci again if the circumstanced presented itself.

Jim H.

November 20202

We were disappointed with this rental. The propane hot water heater would not light - the external area by 'pilot light' was filled with insects. The electric hot water heater produced water so hot it was spitting steam so we turned it off in fear it would blow the pipes. The kitchen had no plates, no coffee cups, and two crummy plastic water tumblers. It did have beer cups and paper bowls and plastic ware. The thermostat did not work, at least the heat never turned on. We spent three cold nights. We would not rent from Marci again

Marci ’s answer

Well I’m surprised that Jim chose to leave me this bad review because he admitted upon returning my trailer that he had used the incorrect power source. He was told to only use dedicated 30 amp service and he admitted that he used a lesser power source, either 15 or 20 amp. This action on his part caused big issues for my trailer. He said the hot water was too hot and was spitting steam. However after having a licensed RV technician look at it, he gave it a clean bill of health. As for “bugs” in the pilot light area, there are always small nats that are drawn to heat and light. There was NO issue with the pilot light. As for the “crummy” plastic water tumblers, again a matter of opinion. These tumblers (which are BPS free) are very cool and I make it a practice to have no glass in the RV so no risk of shattering and having glass shards in the RV for human or animal paws to step on. When he said the thermostat didn’t ever turn on, again that is because he chose to use a lesser power source that wasn’t strong enough to power anything in the trailer. Jim and his wife were given a nice generator that was filled with gas and ready to use and they chose NOT to use it. When I asked why, they just shrugged their shoulders. I’m very sorry that they had a negative trip but it was due to their error in using an inferior power source and not using the generator that I provided. Because I’m a nice person, I paid for the damage they caused to my RV and I was not going to leave them negative feedback, that is until they left me incorrect negative feedback. Truly unfair on their part. I take great pride in providing an almost brand new trailer in pristine condition. In addition, I provide small extras to make each persons trip a success. Please don’t take their review seriously, they just don’t understand the way an RV is powered. I would recommend that they consider using hotels in the future. I would not rent to them again.