2016 Forest River R-Pod

17 reviews


Kaylah B.

April 20210

John Hicks canceled the booking 0 days before departure. This is an automated posting.


March 20210

John Hicks canceled the booking 1 day before departure. This is an automated posting.


January 20215

The trailer was awesome John was very accommodating and trip was perfect we will be renting again for sure thank you very much John

Ben T.

December 20205

This RV is cute easy to use and great for a couple. We had an amazing time thank you so much again!

Scott G.

November 20205

Great trip to Pismo Beach, Ca. 2019

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Jeff C.

September 20201

Within minutes of making a reservation for the better of his two R-Pods (read the reviews), I was told the R-Pod I reserved was unavailable. I was offered the other R-Pod, the one I specifically avoided and didn’t want. Then, instead of denying my reservation, he accepted it and cancelled it, resulting in me being charged and having to deal with Outdoorsy for credit back. Ultimately, the company made good, but this felt like a bait-and-switch scheme and I’ll never rent from John again. Be warned.

Derek L.

August 20201

John is an absolute idiot! Don't ever deal with this guy. After I paid for the booking and was arranging for the pick up time the day before our trip, he cancelled the reservation!!! Repeat, do not ever rent this trailer from John Hicks or you might get screwed over!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Andrea W.

December 20195

The trailer could have been a bit cleaner and there were a few mechanical glitches, but overall it was great.

Steven V.

October 20195

John was very accommodating and friendly throughout our entire trip. The R-Pod was the perfect size and was very easy to tow. Will definitely be coming back to John for future adventures!

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Zully M.

October 20195

Travel trailer just as described, clean and tidy, everything worked. Owner was friendly and quite helpful explaining how to operate RV. Happy with our experience.

Brittany A.

October 20195

This trailer was perfect for our family of 4. We only needed it to sleep in and it was big enough for that. John was very responsive to any requests I had.

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Jose C.

September 20195

Great little trailer and dealing with John was easy. Trailer was easy to pull with my 2018 Frontier with the V6 engine.

Samantha C.

September 20195

I had an AMAZING experience renting with John. My boyfriend and I were looking for a small RV/camper to take to Burning Man this year and we were upfront about our travel destination. I told him we would clean it before returning. We used a distilled white vinegar + water solution combined with Clorox wipes to keep the camper clean. We had a no shoes policy during the event, would promptly close the door if we saw any dust pick up, and we left the windows and shower vent closed and locked.

Bryan L.

August 20191

Do not rent from John Hicks. Here is what happened to me. I rented his 2016 R-Pod for one month and he knew I was taking it up to Banff Canada from So. Cal. and hitting three other National Parks along the way, about 3500-miles round trip. He told me the tires were “80%” because it had good tread still, which they did. I pumped the tires up to 50 psi as per his instructions. The passenger side tire blew out 500-miles into the trip while going 60 mph on the freeway. There were no defects in the roadway and I did not run over anything. After safely pulling over, I discovered the rotating tread from the shredded tire ripped off the fender, some other plastic molding, and the step bounced out of its cradle and got ripped off too (totaling $460 in trailer damage). I found out that all three tires were 4-years 10-months old according to the date stamp on the tires. I spent $100 to replace the tire. Since I noted that ALL the tires were old, I suggested to Mr. Hicks that I replace all three tires so I wouldn’t have another blow-out, but Mr. Hicks insisted that I ride on the spare tire since it was “perfectly good” since it had never been used before. He wanted me to put the new tire on the driver’s side and put that side’s old tire as the spare so I would be riding on a new tire and the “perfectly good” spare tire. Because he was so adamant that I not replace the other old tires, I believed he did not want to reimburse me for all three tires, but only the one. Then, 1700 miles later, the spare tire developed a tire separation, a large bulge in the tread, and it too had to be replaced (another $100). Luckily I had just gotten gas and was pulling onto the roadway when it occurred instead of traveling at speed. (It should be noted that I also had to replace a leaking propane hose, $40, which had been previously fix with black duct tape).

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Scott G.

July 20195

Great working with him.

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Scott G.

April 20195

This little R- Pod was a great little getaway up to Pismo Beach, Ca

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Faviola B.

April 20195

We had a great one week trip. Fam of 4. Two adults and two young children. Trailer was nice and clean. Easy to pull it was so light! Had everything we needed in the trailer. It was a bit small for us when we all had to be inside, we had rain 2 days from our Yosemite trip. He had some great family movies that we watched in the evening on those rainy days. Kids loved the trailer they didn’t mind the small space. I highly Recommend John he’s super friendly and answers quickly to any messages.

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Steve O.

February 20195

Had a great trip! It was so good to get away for awhile. John was super nice and very helpful. He always responded quickly to my inquiries. The trailer worked out great. Hope to rent it again next year if not sooner

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Jason T.

November 20185

John has been very responsive to answer all the queries that my wife and I had. Being a first-timer in RV, he was quick to ensure the safety of the vehicles and very detailed in teaching us how to handle the trailer. The trailer is in excellent condition and was very comfortable for the two of us. We quickly got use to living in it, and the work required (such as removing gray and black tank contents, unhitching, jacking the trailer, etc) was easy. I highly recommend John's trailer to any couple who looking to spend a lovely time with each other in the wilderness.

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