"The Arizona Castle" Family GET-A-WAY ~ Sleeps 10 ~ 6 beds !

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Paula R.

0.5March 2021

The RV WAS FILTHY! Every dish and utensil had to be washed before initial use. We did not use the rv storage because every drawer was dusty, grimy and stained. The mattresses were urine-stained and ancient - except for the master bedroom which was fitted with a foam mattress larger than the pedestal. All bedding was stained, smelly, musty and there were not enough mattress pads for every bed. The pillows were a disgrace - stained, smelly, misshapen - we stowed those nasty pillows and instead stuffed our extra clothes into the pillow cases. Even if they had been clean, most blankets were meant for single mattresses, so we had to make do without enough blankets for the two adult-sized beds. (Based on the appliqued image, one blanket was obviously meant for a golden retriever!) All towels, sheets and blankets were mismatched and looked like they had been bought at a swap meet and dumped into the unsanitary "convenience packs" without inspection. The throw rug in the hallway was in such bad condition that it almost disintegrated, so we stowed that too. The cutlery was disorganized, stained and incomplete. Pots were dirty, and the one skillet looked like it came from a child's mess kit. The electric skillet was broken and too dangerous to use - missing a non-stick spatula anyway. The kitchen sink had previously leaked into the drawer that held plastic bags, tinfoil and garbage bag liners, which were all unusable due to water damage and mildew. Promised (and expected) but not provided were dish soap, toilet chemicals, soap dish, soap bar, scrub brush, adequate number of lidded coffee mugs, wine glasses, adult-sized plates, cereal bowls, adult beverage glasses, pizza pan and an adequate supply (2) of paper towels. We paid over $100 in cleaning fees for WHAT? On the bright side, by some miracle, the tablecloth was new, the slide-outs actually slid out, and we managed to find enough steak knives! I also learned a lesson from this, my first RV rental: always inspect the RV in plenty of time to cancel if the rig is deficient. (Next time, I will...)

Dan L.

4November 2020

We had a great time on our trip with this RV. Paul knows his business and is willing to work on any issues. Mechanically the RV was in top shape and did not present any problems. The interior was not as clean as we would have liked, and many of the items in the convenience pack were not included. Paul made it right, and that is very important to us. We will rent from Paul again!