2015 Heartland Prowler Lynx

2 reviews


Anna S.

5July 2021

Fully stocked with bedding, kitchen utensils, grill, towels the works. Camper was very clean and it was a pleasure to deal with Robert and his wife. Thanks for the full set up. Very pleased.


1September 2020

We were very excited about a camping trip as my husband and I are both essential workers who have not been able to have a getaway since the beginning of Covid. I am in healthcare and my husband a government official. We had very poor communication with the owner from the beginning but was afraid we wouldn't get our deposit back and just hoped he was going to show up at the campsite, the communication was that bad. I had given him the campsite number 2 times via text. We had requested that he be able to deliver the camper by noon and he agreed. On the day of delivery he sent me a message that he would be 2:30 for delivery due to some errands he had to do prior. At 3:05 pm I messaged him asking his ETA after about 15 min and no response I called him. He said I am here, I told him I was standing in the camp site and he wasn't there, he assured me he was, but that couldn't be due to the fact that I was standing in front of the camp site number. After a couple minutes he finally realized he put the camper in the wrong site, which was completely on the other side of the camp ground. My kids and I graciously went over and helped him break everything down, move and partially set back up. It is now 4:30pm then he decides he needs to put up some lights that had previously fallen off the camper and he hadn't put them back up yet. We told him it was fine we didn't need them, he insisted that he needed to do it. This took another hour for him to complete. So, while he is putting up lights it is hard for us to get in and out of the camper to put our belongings in as well as our pups so we are having to drive around for an additional hour and half to keep everyone cool until he finishes. Finally about 6pm he is done and we are able to get into the camper. A little frustrated at this point I get settled, go into take a shower only to find no hot water and get a cold shower. My son tells me "oh he said there is something wrong with the hot water heater so it may go off". Well it went off and kept going off. I had 3 cold showers along with my family. Finally we ended up using the bath house to have a hot shower. He also didn't open the drain for the sewage to flow out so we ended up having a camper smelling like poop and sewage back up in which I had to clean up (this was not fun). There were no dishes, silverware, cups etc in the camper. The only thing in the kitchen was a few pots and a couple dollar store plastic serving spoons. We had to go to store to buy dishes. I borrowed a coffee pot from a friend camping with us and had to drink my coffee from a red solo cup in which he did provide. The couch is in such horrible condition he has a cover over it so the pieces coming off of it do not get all over you when you sit. I went to get out of bed and the floor by the wall has a very soft spot that if I would've stepped hard I would've went through. There were towels and washcloths provided. However, we did have 4 missing washcloths in which I offered to replace if he would provide me with where he purchased I would order them and have them sent to him. He ignored all of my messages and then charged me 80.00 off of my deposit for 4 washcloths. There was nothing in my contract that anything missing would be charged. However, I felt it was only fair to replace them. He originally told me he was going to charge me 28.00 if I hadn't returned them to him by 1pm that day after I offered to replace them. Well, I got a notification from Outdoorsy that he deducted 80.00 from my 599.00 deposit. When I called Outdoorsy to ask what the 80.00 charge was for they told me he was charging me for a set of face towels (washcloths). He told me 28.00 them charged 80.00 for 4 washcloths. Mind you the towels and washcloths were walmart quality not Ritz Carlton quality. I would not recommend you rent from this owner, they are not honest people and will hoodoo you in a heartbeat.
My Motto is "Treat people like you would like to be treated". This clearly is not his moto!!