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State Parks near Boston, MA

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State Parks

Ashland State Park, MA

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Ashland State Park is located on the eastern side of Massachusetts. The state park spans over 470 acres and contains the Ashland Reservoir, which is a popular spot for fishing, swimming, and boating. During the winter, the park is also used for cross-country skiing thanks to the thick snowfall that often occurs.

While the area can be very chilly during the winter, summers can be somewhat warm. Ashland State Park is situated near major cities such as Boston and Framingham.

Getting Outdoors

There are many things to do at Ashland State Park to enjoy the great outdoors. While here, visitors …

Callahan State Park, MA

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Callahan State Park was officially established in 1970 and was named to honor a distinguished Massachusetts community leader, Raymond J. Callahan, who had recently passed away. Raymond was not only a prolific writer for the local paper but also served as a board member and leader in various community groups in Framingham, earning the nickname of “Mr. Framingham.” Upon the park’s opening, it had around 435 acres, but the state of Massachusetts purchased some more acreage, increasing it to nearly a thousand acres. It has a dog park with a small pond for dogs to frolic and swim in.

The …

Maudslay State Park, NH

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Maudslay State Park is an idyllic blend of wilderness and tamed garden. On the shores of Merrimack River, in Massachusetts, Maudslay - originally spelled as Maudsleigh - was owned by a prominent citizen of Newburyport, Frederick Strong Mosley, in the late 1700s. There were once two stately homes on the grounds and a small but busy ferry spot nearby. The ferry saw heavy use during the late 1700s, but when a nearby bridge was built, the ferry fell into disuse. However, a small lane that leads up to where the ferry was situated can still be seen today. The Maudslay …

Myles Standish State Forest, MA

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Covering over 12,029 acres near Cape Cod Bay in Massachusetts lies Myles Standish State Forest. The state forest was established in 1916 and is named after Myles Standish, a prominent member of the Plymouth Colony. The forest is popular for its varying terrain, with some parts featuring numerous pine trees and other sections kettle ponds.

The area around Myles Standish State Forest tends to have comfortable temperatures during the summer, although winters can sometimes be harsh. This state forest is about an hour away from Massachusetts’ capital city Boston.

Getting Outdoors

Visitors to Myles Standish State Forest can enjoy the …

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