2020 Winnebago Revel 4x4 Vanlife offgrid

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Jason S.

May 20215

Great rig, great people! No issues! We are happy customers.

Rob and Brooke’s answer

And a great renter! So
Excited we could get you on your adventure!

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Jerry M.

May 20215

Was in the Eastern Sierras for the Trout season opener April 24-28th, 2021.
Fish counts were down, weather was an issue, but no shortage of breathtaking scenery.
Caught most of my fish west of Bishop along Bishop Creek outside of “Big Trees” Campground.
Also Fished Convict Lake/Creek, Rock Creek, Owens River and Twin Lakes at Bridgeport.
Rob & Brooke’s Revel was perfect for myself, and Pau” & “Luke,” my seasoned Road Dogs....

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Tom E.

February 20215

For heater to ignite we had to run the engine for 30 min every 3 hours during night. Immaculately clean... fun comfortable living for adventures. 4x4 operated flawlessly in ice/snow & muddy/wet conditions.

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Todd C.

October 20205

Outstanding experience. The Van was exceptional and the owners were helpful and friendly. Had the best time and will surely be renting with them again!

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