2007 Itasca Navion

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December 20205

My wife and I took our late honeymoon in Johns Rv and had a wonderful trip. We would defiently rent again if we don't try to get our own just like it.

Christine T.

October 20205

Second time renting with John and will definitely do so again!

Monica O.

September 20201

John did not disclose ahead of time that the vehicle had been in an accident & he replaced a large side door with thin plywood that did not lock (only latch) & gave full access to the inside of the vehicle. Hence we never felt safe to leave the vehicle with our valuables in it. The fridge/freezer did not work unless we were in a cold climate, (his suggestion was to park in shade & put a bag of ice in it), but still our food thawed, spoiled. He assured us the air conditioning worked, but it did not. We were sweating for hours. I saw the RV weeks ahead of time & it was intact then, but at pick-up I saw he also had removed the 2 very large cabinet doors above the driver/passenger heads. I expressed a safety concern & he assured us things wouldn't fall out, but things fell out twice on our heads while driving; once driving in mountains & a heavy tent slid out on my head, so that was scary. My mom complained that the RV had issues every day, which it did. We had to call John numerous times for issues the RV was having & wasted more vacation time reading the owners manuals he recommended trying to fix various things like the DVD player because cords were disconnected, etc. Expressing all the concerns we had & asking for compensation, he responded that the moneys already gone. To me, a lock should be standard for a vehicle, and we did not feel safe without a lock. So Buyer Beware. This was a horrible experience.

John’s answer

These first time RV renters chose to continue on their trip after it was fully disclosed at time of pick up its contition. They traveled to places where the temperatures exceeded 105 degrees and complained about things I had no control over. I repeatedly offered solutions for the issues they presented (including how to secure the repaired storage door and optimize the air conditioning under extreme conditions), but they chose to continue their travels with very little heard from them after the first few days. I assumed at the time that they enjoyed their trip otherwise, why continue. I offered complensation to the renters upon their return but they refused to accept it.

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Charles V.

August 20205

This RV was perfect for my needs. John was very helpful and communicative.
The vehicle was very nice to drive and the overall experience was comfortable and economical. I would definitely rent it again.

Loretta B.

August 20205

John made my first experience very easy & satisfying. The orientation went quick & smooth. He was very clear & easy to understand made us very comfortable.

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Christine T.

July 20205

Will definitely book with John again!

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Joshua S.

July 20205

This was the first time driving and renting an RV and thankfully John made this a very easy and enjoyable experience. John was very responsive to our many questions from the time we booked it until turn in. He provided a very thorough walkthrough explaining the ins and outs of the RV. The RV was much easier to drive and manuever than I thought it would. Everything we needed was provided on board including plates, utensils, skillets, plasticware, and linen. AC kept the RV cool and comfortable at night. This was a very simple process and an experience we will do again in the future.

Betty M.

May 20205

IT was a life saving experience, as a frontline healthcare worker having this RV was a life saver. John was very personable and took the time to help my husband get the RV situated and level in my driveway. Not an easy feat. The RV was clean in great shape and everything worked. It was delivered and picked up from my house. John was available and responded quickly to any questions I had. Outdoorsy as a company was great to deal with. They where working with my employer to help provide RV’s and trailers to us Nurses and doctors who needed to separate from our families. Not an easy thing to do. Being able to stay close to home in my driveway really made a difference. Thank you John, Outdoorsy and Sutter!

Michael M.

March 20205

Great rental fun to drive

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John C.

October 20195

It was an awesome trip, my father has cancer, this coastal run was the last time we could do this together I want to thank you and John for making it happen , John was an outstanding Good Man ! Our trip was awesome His vehicle is top of the line Thank You !

Angelaandrichard D.

September 20195

John was very nice, he was always quick to respond to messages, gave us a great tutorial of the RV and the RV was really nice.

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Jeanne C.

August 20195

John was professional, helpful and a pleasure to work with
We’ll use his RV again!

Sally R.

July 20194

Overall our experience was good. The RV ran beautifully. The interior was very nice. My only concerns were the air conditioning did not work unless you were plugged in, which did cause some distress. Also the TV was unable to work even though we paid for it. You definitely could not sleep 4, unless 2 were small children. John was very nice and accommodating and outdoorsy was also on top of things.

Richard S.

July 20195

John was very patient and took the time to show us how every thing worked. RV was great, not too big to handle for first timers. Would definitely do it again.