The four seasons 23.5 ft RV.

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James M.

3July 2021

Bryan was very nice when we picked it up. Every time I had a question Bryan was very responsive. He did try and get us on mileage in the beginning by telling us that we were only allowed 25 miles per day but when I told him that his description says 30 per day he had no problem changing it for us to the 30 per day. RV was decent, it was for my parents who were visiting. The bed was small not a lot of room for 2 people to be comfortable in, in fact, my parents had to sleep separately so they could get a decent night's sleep. The owner had led lights around the interior and every time the aux battery turned off and then on the lights would start flashing rapidly and would feel like you were going to have a seizure. The sewage tube did not have an end on it and could not find one in the rv, glad we were camping with other friends and borrowed their extra tube. After dropping it off, we knew we would be over mileage. Bryan was generous enough to knock off $26 of the extra mileage money, so we went from $626 to $600, any little bit definitely helps. Now it looks like we may have caused a small crack in the shower. We had the RV for 11 days and only used the shower 3 times, the rest of the time we used camp facilities. Somehow in those 3 showers, we caused a small crack. So as of this review, we are dealing with a claim. Hopefully, we can just repair the crack and not try and get gouged for a lot of money by having to replace the entire shower.
*UPDATE* Bryan did get back with us and was able to find an RV repairman that was willing to repair the crack for a lot cheaper than what it would have cost for a new liner.

Ed H.

0July 2021

Brayan Ramirez canceled the booking 3 days before departure. This is an automated posting.

Jerry A.

5June 2021

Had a great rental experience. Brayan was first class all the way. Rv was clean and ready to go. Worked perfect for my family of 4. Brayan made sure i knew how to use all aspects of Rv and was comfortable before leaving on trip. The return was a breeze. Will definitely look to rent from him on next trip.

Brayan’s answer

It was a pleasure meeting you
You and your family are more then welcome to rent my RV

Sarah A.

5June 2021

The RV was great. And Brayan was very patient and nice.

Brayan’s answer

It was a pleasure

Manjee D.

5May 2021

Great rental, owner was extremely thorough and responsive! RV was super clean and fully loaded with anything and everything you could need throughout any camping trip! Will be renting again soon!

Geeta B.

5May 2021

Geoff J.

3April 2021

This rv wound up costing me just under $250 per day for a 250 mile 3 day trip. Be sure to look at the additional charges. That being said the owners were helpful and responsive but I think it’s overpriced.

Robert W.

5April 2021

The RV was great but Brayan was greater. Brayan was incredibly accommodating and helpful. Despite getting my own insurance for the RV, Outdoorsy wouldn't refund me, but Brayan still submitted a refund request on my behalf anyways. I've only rented an RV once before, so I was still somewhat new to how the website worked. Brayan was patient and explained things to me and really made my overall experience very pleasant.

Keith P.

5November 2020

Me my family had a great time with this RV!!! it's a very comfy !! And it's very easy to Operate!! Brayan Ramirez's has Great communication when scheduling pick up and drop offs , And goes over thoroughly with all operations of the RV . I would Recommend this RV to anyone!!!

Arsen G.

4October 2020

Everything was perfect up until I was just advised that there was damage to the tire? There was nothing done to the tire, we just drove the RV on leveled ground. Im not sure how one can damage a tire.