About Richard E.

  • RVing for 15 years
  • Owned an RV for 15 years
A camper is fun, convenience and comfort at a cost far below motels or hotels. My family has always enjoyed camping. Back then we had a big waterproof canvas tent. It was adventure beyond compare. When we went camping in our 1st travel trailer it was Heaven. Indoor bathroom, great sleeping comfort, all kinds of fun food, exploring the outdoors on long hikes, and the swimming in beautiful mountain lakes and streams was really the best vacations my family ever had. I continued the tradition with my family. My three enjoyed camping and we started with a big tent also. Now my 5 grand children camp in this big Outback Camper. Two sets of bunk beds was so exciting to them. With the out door grill we stay outside more but still have a great time playing Monopoly and other games inside on those days we have rain. The outback has a TV & DVD player to watch an occasional movie together but I try to limit TV and video games to increase the camping experience. Camping is the greatest vacation a family can have to bring the family together. Moms and Dads should have a work free vacation also so be sure to ask about my "transport and set up" package that I offer. In this great package I transport the camper, set it up, and transport it back so all you have to do is select the best location (beach, mountains, Nascar race, college football, or perhaps family reunion). Fun, convenience, comfort at a low price. Give me a call and I would love to share a great adventure with you and your family. 812-272-5192, Rick