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Reviewed on Aug 20th

To say that I love this little teardrop would be a gross understatement! I am obsessed and had such a great time with my friends. They were all jealous (of course!) Hazel pulls like a dream and the truck I rented didn't really even act like it was there. So easy! I truly enjoyed the perfect...

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Reviewed on Jul 10th

We had a wonderful time renting Hazel from Aero Teardrops. Lots of good memories were made and set up each night and break down each morning to move on to our next location was simple and quick.

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Reviewed on Jun 17th

We absolutely loved Hazel! We rented her to attend the Paradiso Music Festival at the Gorge Amphitheatre. Pulling Hazel with a Toyota Highlander, we barely noticed the trailer behind us. Everything was simple and easy to use. Even though we brought everything we thought we needed, Hazel was...

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Reviewed on May 30th

Kept us warm and dry for a wet weekend at Fort Stevens. Everything worked as expected and we were shown everything we needed to use the rental. Recommend rental from the team at Aeroteardrops.

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Peter f

Reviewed on May 28th

We had an amazing Memorial Day weekend with our Aero Teardrop, Hazel. We had a fun thunderstorm with a ton of rain and everyone in tents was completely saturated, but the trailer and rooftop tent kept us bone dry. Both the tent and the trailer were super comfortable. The outdoor kitchen was...

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Reviewed on May 13th

Awesome trailer, super helpful friendly folks at Aero. Would rent it again in a heartbeat.

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Reviewed on May 8th

We had fun!

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Reviewed on May 1st

Had a great time with "Hazel". Hope to rent again soon.

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Reviewed on Apr 24th

We had a great time and were very happy to be sleeping inside when it rained all night. I love the outdoor kitchen and it had everything we might have wanted to do some serious cooking!

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Reviewed on Apr 14th

Awesome rental experience. Easy to pick up, easy to set up! Had a great trip. Hazel is an awesome teardrop. Highly recommended!

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Reviewed on Apr 10th

Comfortable and dry while visiting the rainy Oregon coast.

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Reviewed on Mar 27th

Hazel was the perfect trailer for us to take out for our vacation.

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Reviewed on Nov 1st

We took the Aero camper Flora to Florence on the Oregon coast for a long weekend trip. The camper tows really well and didn't give us any problems on the drive out or back from the coast. The kitchen was fully stocked with camping essentials (2 burner cooktop, 1 gallon Propane tank, plates,...

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Reviewed on Oct 29th

The trailer was perfect for our trip- we were very cozy and had plenty of room to store everything!

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Reviewed on Oct 12th

The trailer included everything we needed. Just bring food, clothes and sheets. It was easy to connect and pull with a small SUV.

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Reviewed on Sep 27th

Adventuring with Flora was super fun! She's easy to tow (even took her on the ferry through the San Juan Islands) although be prepared to have folks coming up to admire her! Brian and his crew was great to work with and Flora came equipped with everything needed for a great time. Highly...

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Reviewed on Sep 21st

We loved our week in Flora, the teardrop trailer. Easy to maneuver, cozy sleep area, great kitchen space. The owner was very responsive to all our questions (first time trailer users). Overall it was a terrific experience and we plan on doing it again!

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Reviewed on Sep 6th

Fantastic trip. The trailer was equipped with all we needed. It was great

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Reviewed on Aug 15th

Brian was a pleasure to deal with. He was very knowledgeable! I would definitely rent (or purchase) from Brian again.

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Reviewed on Aug 11th

Awesome trailer, clean and very well supplied. I was shocked actually at how easy this was to tow. We have a Subaru Outback 4 cylinder and I was a little concerned we would be underpowered- nope! There were times I forgot I was towing anything, it’s lightweight and tracks right behind you and...

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Reviewed on Jul 25th

Fantastic opportunity to test the teardrop camping life on the Oregon Coast. Thank you Brian for helping us with a great trip.

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Reviewed on Jul 23rd

Spending a week traveling with Flora was very helpful for us as we consider a potential future teardrop. Working with Brian was great, he was totally responsive and even went out of his way to meet up with us after hours to drop off an item we forgot.

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Reviewed on Jul 12th

The whole process and trip was fantastic! Working with Brian went very smoothly. His trailer, Flora is a gem. We had a great time.

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Reviewed on Jul 6th

Flora was perfect for our family of 4 & our camping trip. She was easy to drive, maneuver, operate & very comfortable. Brian was easy to work with, a great communicator and made our experience fantastic.

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Reviewed on Jun 24th

We had a great time exploring a new area of Oregon. Paddling around Little Lava Lake in our new inflatable kayaks was fun. Working with Brian and Tyler was effortless. Tyler was great at pointing out all of the features of the rv. We will definitely rent again in the future.

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Reviewed on Jun 9th

Brian and Tyler couldn’t have been more patient with all our questions and interest in Flora.

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Reviewed on May 7th

Flora was a wonderful little trailer for us first-time towers! Our Outback didn’t even realize there was something behind it! Everything was thought of and considered in this little beauty! And Brian is super nice and easy to work with. Highly recommend!

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Kathleen J

Reviewed on Apr 28th

I couldn't have been more pleased with the Aero Teardrop I rented from Brian. It's clean, comfortable, tracked well in all sorts of weather and is a conversation starter!! People love these teardrops and so did I. Very well constructed with beautiful hardwood cabinets that caught everyones eye....

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Reviewed on Apr 14th

We had a great trip. This was a trial to see if this is what we want. We’re going to meet with Brian and place an order!

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Reviewed on Apr 12th

Brain was really easy to work with!

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Reviewed on Jan 3rd

Had an awesome time working with Brian and Aero Teardrops! Loved our trip with Flora!