About Erik

  • RVing for 4 years
  • Owned an RV for 4 years
Hi! I live in LA and have been restoring old VW Buses for awhile. It's been a fun thing to watch these old abandoned buses come back to have a whole new life. Jennifer, my wife and I have decided to share them so they get some exercise during times we're too busy to take them out. I've learned the worst thing you can do to an old bus is to make it sit in the driveway! We enjoy spending days at the beach with them, road trips up the coast, and the occasional trip to Joshua Tree National Park in these old girls, and hopefully you will, too!



Reviewed on Sep 7th

What an epic trip. Erik was easy to work with and proactive with tips on how to travel in the van. Could not have been easier. And Bluie! This is a time machine that transports you back to when the best flatscreen you could own was the windscreen of a '79 VW bus. Get off your cell phone, get into...


Reviewed on Jun 28th

Bluie is an awesome bus! My family and I had a great couple of weeks camping by the beach and wouldn't hesitate to do it again!