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  • Owned an RV for 15 years
I am an avid outdoorsman who has traveled globally. I love to explore and fish in areas I have never been and am always on the quest for the best happy hour locations on the planet in remote places to enjoy with my wife.


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Reviewed on Aug 27th

Great experience! Everything worked as described. Very comfortable, both on highway and off-road. Perfect for wilderness camping. Owner (Mario Donovan) was a pleasure to deal with.

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Reviewed on Jun 8th

Congratulations! You found it! Now you should book it. :) My wife and I and 7 month old child rented this rig for a week to explore the great canyons and formations of Utah. Thanks to Mario and his rig, we were able to get to places inaccessible with any of the other outdoorsy vehicles we saw,...

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Reviewed on Apr 1st

This may get lengthy... I wasn't sure how I'd feel about a pop up camper, but after two weeks driving this setup I can give it a very honest and wholehearted thumbs up! Dealing with the owner and outdoorsy was easy and quick. The Dodge and the camper are very thoughtfully prepared and stocked....