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Get To Know Renter Rhonda Rose

Meet Rhonda Rose, a mortgage loan officer from Wisconsin. Rhonda is a big bluegrass and Americana music fan, so it makes sense that she chose to attend the Blue Ox Music Festival this June in Eau Claire, Wisc. After all, there are few things as fun as a festival, and a multi-day music festival is…

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Meet Omar Bendezú of Ondevan Campervan

A resident of the city of Miami, Omar Bendezú bought his first campervan in order to escape into nature whenever he pleased. “We decided to get a campervan because my wife and I like traveling and my wife enjoys rock climbing,” Bendezú says. “It was a way to get out of the city.” Buying a…

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First Comes Love, Then Comes A Camper Van

An adorable Southern California couple, Allison Steinkamp and Ryan Kiser are head over heels for one another. That’s why, when Kiser’s birthday rolled around, Steinkamp wanted to do something extra special. After a bit of thought, the super sweet girlfriend decided on a road trip. Not just any road trip though—Steinkamp rented a super cool…

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Meet Kevin Tumlinson Of The Written World

Kevin Tumlinson is the author of an award-winning book series. He’s a thinker, a speaker, a podcaster, and someone who’s always looking to learn something new. He’s also always on the hunt for inspiration. Often he finds his biggest and best inspirations while traveling. “I don’t really vacation much,” Tumlinson says. “Wherever I am, I…

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Get To Know Renter Joe Stradinger

Joe Stradinger is far from your average joe. In fact, he’s a pretty extraordinary businessman. He’s created and sold a very successful internet-based business and is now the owner and operator of Edge Theory, a social-media marketing company that helps businesses grow by using the right words at the right times. “Think of us as…

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Meet Geoffrey Sacco Of The Portable Life

In Sonoma County, on a country road rimmed with vast dairy farm vistas as far as the eye can see, lies a wooden barn filled with various kinds of RVs. All the RVs have been lovingly restored by Geoffrey Sacco, owner of The Portable Life, and all are sitting patiently, quietly awaiting their turn to be…

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Hawaii Surf Campers Offer the Best Way to Tour the Islands

The best way to experience Hawaii The Hawaiian Islands attracts travelers who want to experience the beauty of the unique environment. Visitors often imagine themselves on lush beaches or discovering hidden waterfalls. Why spend time in hotel rooms or on crowded beaches when you could be exploring the island like a local? The most affordable…

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