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5 Tips for Purchasing an RV on a Tight Budget

You’ve already decided that you are going to welcome a new addition to your family … an RV, that is. You don’t have to be talked into the benefits of family camping and vacations in the Great Outdoors. And you’ve decided that renting out your new purchase on those dates when you can’t enjoy using…

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5 Spring Amenities to Add to Your Listing to Excite RV Renters

Spring break is here! People will be excited to start planning vacations and head outdoors to shake off the dreary, cold winter months. As warmer weather nears, you can add amenities to your listing that get your renters dreaming about being active and relaxing outdoors. Check out these five spring amenities you can add to your…

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7 Ways to Update Your Stock RV without Renovations

You have decided to rent your RV, but you are wondering how to make it stand out among the rest. While some RVs are attractive out of the box, others may need a little extra love to win over a renter. But, with these small changes, your listing can go from stock to a dream…

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How To Create a Valentine’s Day Package for Your RV

Valentine’s Day will be here soon. As an RV owner, offering rentals through Outdoorsy can be a lucrative income opportunity. But depending on your rental market, you may find that your RV isn’t getting booked. That can be especially true during slower seasons. One way to combat this is to create packages, just like you’d get…

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5 Reasons to Rent Your Rig for the Super Bowl and Beyond

The Super Bowl season is upon us. Not only is it a great moment for sports fans, it is a great moment for business. People are excited about the big game and thinking about how to celebrate. It’s the perfect time to tap into that energy, make some money, and promote your enterprise. Why not…

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Best Tactics for Owners for the Busy Season

Travelers can dream about the perfect RV trip for years. Given that, it’s no wonder that it can take months of planning to make an RV vacation a reality. This means that smart owners know to plan ahead for the busy season, too. Being able to predict when incoming rental requests will increase can be very…

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An Owner’s Guide to Popular Events Worth Renting For

No one likes leaving money on the table. When there is a popular local event that tourists are visiting for, such as a festival, sporting event, or a holiday weekend such as Presidents Day, local requests for RVs in the area soars. Owners would be wise to do their homework on the most popular times…

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What RV owners need to know about renting to Burning Man

We wanted to make sure that you, dear Outdoorsy RV owner, were fully prepared for incoming rental requests for Burning Man. With 70,000 festival-goers headed to Burning Man from August 26 –September 3, 2018, there’s a lot to know! While some renters will tell owners upfront that they’re interested in renting their RVs for Burning Man, others…

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How to Add Outdoorsy to a Smartphone Home Screen

How often do you use the Outdoorsy website with your smartphone? If you’re taking the time to read this article, we’d be willing to wager… enough. 😉 Sifting through multiple websites on your smartphone is about as easy as finding that mysterious missing sock. Want to save some time and make it easier to access?…

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How To Ask Your Renters To Leave Positive Reviews

We totally get it. Awkward situations, can be well… awkward. Waving to someone who wasn’t waving at you, saying, “you too”, to the waiter when they say, “enjoy your meal”, the barista grossly misspelling your name on a coffee cup. As an Outdoorsy owner — we aren’t immune to these situations. Sometimes it can be…

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