Outdoorsy GPS Pro

Real-time GPS tracking and reporting. No contract required. Suspend anytime. Rent safe and with peace of mind with Outdoorsy GPS Pro.
RV GPS Outdoorsy

Always Know Where Your Vehicle Is

No Contract Required
Real Time Reporting – 30 Second Updates
Works in U.S., Canada, Mexico, Hawaii & Alaska
Geo Fencing Capability
Fully Integrated with your Outdoorsy Dashboard
Odometer Integration for Mileage Charges
Replay Mode and Rentals Days View
Multiple Vehicles? See Them All in One Place!
Renter ID Display
*$15.00 per month, per device after the first year.
GPS Tracking Devices
Choose the device for your RV
Outdoorsy GPS
(OBD II device)


RV GPS Tracker Outdoorsy OBD
  • Installs in minutes
  • Connects to OBDII port on light / med duty vehicles
  • High sensitivity GPS with accelerometers
Outdoorsy GPS (Solar Powered)


RV GPS Tracker Outdoorsy Solar
  • Solar cell recharges battery continuously
  • 10 minutes updates while moving (2x / day stationary)
  • Weatherproof enclosure
Outdoorsy GPS (Covert Wired Unit)


RV GPS Tracker Outdoorsy Wired
  • Installs easily under dash with no antennas
  • Connects to ignition, power & ground
  • High sensitivity GPS with accelerometers
Have Multiple Vehicles?
Outdoorsy GPS Pro allows you to keep track of all your vehicles in your Outdoorsy Dashboard.
Real-Time Reporting
30 second updates allow you to monitor and track each of your vehicles. See booking details with a click of a button.
Replay Mode & Daily Tracking
See where your vehicle goes on a daily basis.