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We absolutely love exploring. We have taken Bilbo across Canada and down the Pacific Coast. He is an awesome trailer. Unfortunately we need to take a break from the travels but want his adventure to continue.

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Memories made on trips with James Holden's RVs

Herb S.

5September 2022

James is a lifesaver! We had booked a different trailer 2.5 months before our camping trip and were looking forward to our adventure. Unfortunately, just one day before our trip, the lessor of that trailer tells us that his trailer is damaged and is no longer available to us! Had we done some more due diligence and read his reviews, we might have noticed that he had pulled this stunt with another would-be lessor as well just in the month prior and might have avoided his trap. Anyhow, we scrambled immediately to try to find a replacement. We contacted about 6 other lessors, and only three replied. Two replied with merely “no”. We thought that our excursion would be ruined and lost sleep over this impending reality. Thankfully James appeared Heaven-sent and came to the rescue to say “yes”, available! Disaster averted!