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Owner for 30 years

Hi, we are Pollard Camper Rental, LLC

Todd and I love the product and opportunity we offer our customers, a nice clean camper to use while you do whatever makes you happy- fishing, boating, biking, hiking, hunting or just sitting 'round a campfire. We do our best to keep our rates affordable, they have not increased since we opened in 2006. Renting a camper takes most of the hassle out of camping, our customers don't have the expense and work of owning, maintaining, storing and insuring a camper or the hassle of keeping a vehicle capable of towing. The majority of our rentals are delivered to Clarks Hill Lake, but we also deliver to several local beaches, to your home for extra sleeping for guests or living arrangements during home building, repair or remodel. We also, deliver to events like races, cook-offs, parades and family reunions. http://www.pollardcamperrental.com/About_Us.html https://www.facebook.com/PollardCamperRental Blessings & Happy Camping, Fallon Pollard